Crazy Ass Week

Crazy Week
Tuesday, Sep 25, 2007
My thoughts are scattered. I ask for your forgiveness in advance for my digressions-
It has been a week. A crazy, kvetchy, shitty and fantastic week.
Two of my closest peeps are in a quandry and are at a cross-roads in their relationship. She knows it well, as does he, I think. But he likes to brush everything under the rug; i.e., if you don’t talk about it- ignore it- then it’ll go away. I think that they are both numb. There are many of us that love the both of them so much but they can’t seem to communicate with one another. It’s frustrating to watch. You want to say something but you know that, ostensibly, saying something is not what they need.
1st digression- over.
On a higher note: my buddy Nancy Rancourt will be in New York on Wednesday for a taping of The Tyra Banks Show with her buddy Melissa Etheridge. Missy! I’m super jealous that she’s going to my favorite city- my city-love- and that she knows Missy Etheridge as well. I’m really excited for her. She’s blowing into Toronto tomorrow (where I am, presently) to have a complete rejuvenation: clothes, shoes, hair, facial, makeup; the works with Kev and me at the helm of it all.Not that she need the help! So, stay tuned for an upcoming Tyra (I know- I don’t watch it either) to view my fab friend.
Outside of that, I am busy getting together for a potential writing/ performance piece for Saturday here in T-Dot. I am booked in two different cites for Saturday and the writing/ performance piece came later than what I was supposed to be doing. I still have no idea what I’m going to do.
That’s it. Digressions weren’t that bad after all.


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