Her’ I am.

Her’ I am.
Sunday, Aug 12, 2007

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Her’ I am. Current mood: artistic
Here I sit. Amongst all of nature, wild and free. This is where I long to be-
Tonight is the peak of the Perseid Meteor Shower. I await amongst the rest of my present, proximate universe: trees, fields of corn, hay and beans, 40 acres enveloping me in its comfort.
I sat out two nights ago for about two and 1/2 hours, lying on the soggy ground, being hopped on by two small frogs. Frogs? There is no marshy land around here but frogs, none-the-less. Does there have to be marshy land for there to be frogs?
As I layed there, three else were in the farm house. After about 45 minutes, I could hear: “Where’s Jake?” over and over again. Shouts of : “Jake? Jakers? Where are you?” came out the door. I didn’t answer the calls. They were missing out.
Although I am originally a small town boy, I sometimes forget how the universe is layed out in the sky. But it becomes familiar to me again as soon as I see it: the long trail of the milky way, Mars, Venus, the big and little dippers. They’re all there like they used to be when I was little, living on Prince Edward Island where I never got sick of looking at the sky, the universe, the multiverse. It was one of the only friends that never let me down, that was always there for me (until, of course, I learned about unconditional friendships from Pam).
And then, they came. Trails of shooting pieces of space debris, meteors. Gorge. I was delighted to know that they were there to play in the streets of the universe and to come into the House of Earth, even for just a mo’ until they burned out and disintegrated. Quick but effective little things. I saw about a dozen. The later it got, the more I saw. In all directions. I- had- no- idea. I never knew that each August Perseid returns to give us such a light show. Fantastic.
And, although I mind not to be alone in this, there are essential elements that are missing from this story that unfolds this evening; essential pieces that would appreciate this as much as me. Kevvy. Pammers. Young Joey- the universe himself. Alas, I will sit here myself- with y’all in spirit- capturing the images in my own organic computer-nogin. I will try to transfer the files over to you through M-Mail later on tonight. Even if you are in hibernate mode, keep your essential functions running.
To all that can take advantage of The Perseid Spectacle, please do.
[No. I have no idear why I’m so dang attached to this- Connection to the vibrating Multiverse. I’m there. It’s here. We’re all queer. Get used to it.]

Currently listening : Premiers Symptomes By AirRelease date: By 14 September, 1999

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