Rememberin 9/11

Remembering 9/11: What is your responsibility?
Tuesday, Sep 25, 2007

Six years later and- still- numbness, anger, sadness and complete bafflement fill me.
I lived in New York for four years. New York was, for me, a beacon of everything I ever wanted, everything I felt I needed. I left Canada to live in New York to become “someone” and I did; I became a cog in the machine that is this amazing city. I was responsible in making New York what it is. That was huge and changed me immensely.
New York taught me how to pay-it-forward. I was welcomed into that city with open arms and I was aided in many ways by virtual strangers. I did the same for excited newbies that arrived in NYC looking to be part of the same thing i was searching for the day I arrived.
I left New York five years before the tragic events of 9/11/01. I had just moved to Toronto days before 9/11. My partner and I were still unpacking when I got a call from my bawling-mess sister, letting me know what was happening. I changed the channel from Regis and Kelly (which was muted; I didn’t get why Kelly left the set so upset) to CNN like so many other millions did that morning. This is when my awe, shock and numbness began and continues to be six years later but for very different reasons. Initially, like everyone else, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I was digusted yet I couldn’t tear myself away. Immediately, I tried getting in touch with everyone I still knew in New York but I couldn’t get through. For a week, I couldn’t get through. Luckily, a friend had a forum on her website that allowed everone in my New York scene and experience to write in and let everyone know where they were, that they were physically okay. I lost no one I knew personally. I thank The Universe for that.
A lot of my friends and fellow bloggers are blogging about their personal experiences from that day and how they are feeling today and asking for you to “pay-it-forward”. I certainly agree. I think that 9/11 has done that for a lot of us. I encourage you to read their blogs and reflect.
I have a similar quest.
I ask only this: Keep questioning what happened after 9/11. Why we in the US and Canada are in other peoples homes uninvited? By this, I mean in Afghanistan and Iraq. How did a fight on “terrorism” and a search for “Enemy 1” become a war in Iraq, “smoking [Hussein] out of a hole”, and “making him pay” for what he did by executing him in the US?
I have a soldier-friend in Afghanistan on his second deployment. He’s a medic and goes in not blindly; rather, he goes to help those who need help; soldiers and Afghanis that are being injured daily. What is blinding to him is the the fact that he has no real idea as to why there is so much injury. For what? What is the reason that he is there? This is a common thought from many that are serving there and in Iraq.
Continue to question. Open yourself to watching the plethora of documentaries (from “both sides”) out there on google video. Go in watching them with an open heart and mind. I am not asking you to be a conspiracy theorist by any means. Just question where our world has come in six years. Any person that I have been in contact with that was directly affected by the events that transpired on 9/11 feels bewildered and left without a lot of answers.
The events of 9/11/01 continue to resonate. By opening yourself to reading and watching all thoughts on what has happened in the past six years, you are paying it forward. You are doing something. Whether you agree or not.
Thanks for your time.

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