Happy October 1st!

If you are at all anything like me, you are battling the Fall Blues. Ay, like many, I suffer from it to.

I belong to a blogging group at Flickr an there are a lot of us that are feeling these blues. I encourage all of you to get out there and force yourself to find inspiration if you need to. Don’t let The Fall Funk take you over. It is what it is. We are coming out of a fantastic summer where sun was our friend for most of our waking hours. Now, the sun is taking it’s leave from being there for us so much. Don’t sweat it.
One thing that works well for me is landing my Self in a tanning salon a couple times a week. You don’t need to go in there for colour; just the feeling of the Sun. Even once a week. Even once every other week. It’s great- and cheap- therapy.
Other than that, cut to me coming out a a busy and frightening week. I want to say that it went smoothly but it gave me more heart palps than anything else. I am thankful that I am entering a new phase of my life.
This month begins my new working life at a Studio here in Toronto: Sugar N Spice Studios. [Please read article from Sweet Spot here.] Frightening as it is to be working soley for myself, it is the leap that I needed to take. I am tired of working FOR someone with little return, both monitarily and in appreciation. I did work for myself up until 2001 but felt I needed to have “stability” making everything in my life chaotic and- ostensibly- unstable. It has been a year to say the least.
As well, I continue to write and create. As down as I am, I am inspired by it. I take it.

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