It’s 86 degrees F on October 6th in Toronto at 10:10PM

Although I am in my shorts on the ‘puter and prepping to go out to meet up with my other hooligan friends, I find it rather odd that it’s so flipping hot out. It’s kinda not right.
The streets are lined with people. Patios have not closed. Not even for a couple of days. We don’t get weather like this. Well, not up until the past couple of years we haven’t. Apparently we will not get much of a winter either.
And it snowed today- October 6th, 2007- in California. There is much snow in northern Alberta at the moment and, on the same Latitude line 100 miles away, it is 60- 65 degrees. It’s fucked, really.
I look forward to seeing my friends tonight tho. I have been travelling much, not in TO more than a few days a week for the past month. I figured out play dates out were lost. Not tonight. We are going out in full form.
As depressing as the fall has been (with less light, less sun, less yellow), it is cathardic- almost- that there is this continuation of warmth. As dangerous as I think it is. As much concequence as I think we will reap in the long run.
I am happy that it is so warm.
I do not hurt from the cold.
I am happy that it is presently 86 degrees on October 6th 2007 at 10:19PM.

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  1. I agree, I believe it is global warming. We are having heat down here in central Florida. Rain and heat.
    No Fall weather at all. And I think we better get used to it down here.
    One day I will have waterfront property and there will be only, summer as a season. Gee, and I was thinking of moving to Toronto to keep cool when I retire.

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