J’ai froid.

Fall is back here with a vengence.

I have lit three fires in the fireplace in the past four days.

Kev has been away in Calgary and I have been in front of the fireplace with the kitties. Baily and M. We have watched many movies over the past week. Logan’s Run, which I haven’t seen in years. Children Of Men- what an amazing film. Story, sequence, writing, acting, photography, direction; unbelievable. I love when a film has all of that. I love walking away from a film not critiquing anything at all. It’s great.

Kev returned last night and he was very tired. An intense week at work for him.

It was bizarre for me too. I’m just not used to being with myself alone that much. I had all the time in the world to do what I wanted. And I did! I sat in front of a fireplace watching films. However, I should have taken some of that time to continue to edit my novel but I chose not too. Well, I did approve edits that one of my editor made in three chapters, so I guess I did do some work. Hmm. I will get back on that this week. As I work both in the studio and up at the farm.

AND! I get to take fall pics at the farm. That’s exciting. Honey, Maple syrup form the Amish. I love getting to the Amish. They make such great things.

I rant. I roll. I must prepare the day and get to the studio.


One Response

  1. Me time…is always good! It gives your ‘whole self’ a place to just Be.
    I’m sure Kev was glad to be home-sounds like a great place to be…just the fireplace sold me.
    Farm, Amish, Fall pictures…the simple things in life to cherish..I’m really happy for you
    Gentleness and Peace
    p.s. I love your writing

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