Travel dreams

Inspired by Chris @ 2288! Thanks!

In absolutely no order:
*Machu Picchu, Peru. I wanna follow the same path as in Celestine Prophecy.
*Florida Keys. Key West, of course. I love the whole of the keys.
*Spanish Wells, Bahamas (I’ll be there in March!)
*Northeast Texas thru to Wyoming on a good month long range ride
*Tornado Alley for a two week storm chase. Yep. My partner (and everyone else) hopes that I will not do this one day. I will.
*any essentially untouched island in the South Pacific such as Tokelau
*New Zealand and Australia*Thailand (great real estate in Thailand!)
*Uzbekistan thru Tibet to Mongolia (on a donkey with a shaman)
*back to South of France, Spain and Portugal (I recommend Sitges, Spain and Sintra, Portugal to everyone)
*Northwest Territories, Nunavut, Yukon and Alaska
For now-

One Response

  1. Ahh; the FLORIDA KEYS….
    I am there every MARCH my friend!

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