I Hear Noise But I Know It’s Art

I am trying to get myself together enough to get to the Studio today.
I am trying to get myself together enough to buckle down and finalize the edits that are coming to me from June, send her more. We are half way through. I have approved most edits from the first three chapters of the final edit from Pam.
My head is reeling as one of my neighbours (also a writer- how on earth does he got work done playing such loud music?) is loudly playing something that I know I would enjoy but my thoughts are beyond scattered.
Another neighbour is a musician and practicing drums on the other side of me. Finally, in the house on the other side is another musician who is also playing drums. Is this possible? Am I being tested? I love appreciating all of this art but right now it is distracting and just plain old noise! I can’t deal. It’s setting me off.
Going to the studio where there is a whole other set of distractions- everything is about wedding wedding wedding; tomorrow and future successes. What about today? What about it?
I think today is going to be me trying to focus on what I need to do later on tonight or tomorrow.
The noise needs to stop. I need focus. I need focus. I need focus.

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  1. Jake –

    Neighbours and a strange parallel for me – I awaken one morning when I lived Maui to hear my dear very Pilipino neighbour speaking loudly in his native tongue. Coming from the other end of the house my 2 roommates from Sao Paulo – speaking loudly in Portuguese – I remember thinking – english somebody english – actually trying to put english back into my head…

    You have drums – I have a neighbour here who loves opera and blasts it at The Who level – Oy Vey…

    There are times when I crave quiet – so beautifully quiet – that I want to cry.

    I do understand the distraction – ALL YOU WANT IS PEACE AND QUIET FOR AWHILE.

    Take care and I wish you lovely quiet lovely peace…

  2. BTW – it is Palestar

  3. It’s not here yet, Palestar. More static comes this way, unfortunately. I will get through it.
    I will have quiet soon. I crave it. As does my partner. He is a painter and needs to finish a series and I- this book that needs to be with the publisher 100 yesterdays ago. We need to get away. I crave The Keys at the moment. They will have to wait.
    THanks for the well wishes. They mean a lot.

  4. OMG so does Bobby loves the keys too – I told him once would it not be so great if he became a sheriff in the keys somewhere. For many there is peace there.


  5. it is a magical land-

  6. There is always a reason for distraction…. Listen to it. < -- I know it sounds weird.
    FLORIDA KEYS!!!! I will be there in March for 2 weeks, and April for 1 !!!!


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