Off to We Will Rock You

I really wanted to see the original but, alas, I did not. Not even with Suzie. Argh.

All in all, a client got Kev and I great seats and we’re really looking forward to it. Queen as a musical? How great is that?

The day was fine. I finally met up with Rep-From-Cosmetic-Company today! I didn’t get a whole load out of it but she showed up. We are looking at another line to carry as well.

Got a chapter edited today. Yay! It’s forced. I hate this part of writing. Hate it.

That’s it. Stay safe.

6 Responses

  1. What lines do you carry? Skin care makeup et al…


  2. Jakey I am so jealous!!!!!I hope you enjoy the show!!!!!!xoxoT.

  3. Palestar- Right now, “Vasanti Cosmetics” and “Clayton Chagal” for skin care. We want to get in “Biodroga” (which is what I use for my ol’ skin) and “Stila” for cosmetics. We’re also looking at “The Balm”.

    Tammy- We enjoyed most of it- but there was too much canadiana/ toronto reference. to the point of some audience mot getting it. weirdness.

  4. Jake…did I see you last night on a show…jean designer and her ‘mom’?
    I’m yelling, that’s my friend..Peg is really thinking I am a whack job(I am) Your ‘look alike’ is just as cute and funny as you are…eee..I wish I bet her…she ‘won’ $50 off me last week.
    Hope things have quieted in your head and have been able to create like you are meant to do

  5. YOu got it Neicey! That was I, playing the token bitchy gay! it was fun. OMG! My Flickr buddies have found me out!

  6. LOL!!!! Just me sweetie-would have soooo taped it, but I couldnt’ miss a second of you!!
    Damn I knew I should have put a bet down!! I’m playing it over in my head and can’t stop laughing..this is a great day! Thanks
    write your books…then you can be the ‘Star’ actor in them too!

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