Hero Miles Program

Originally posted by my buddy Donna at Flickr:

http://www.fisherhouse.org/ (fisher house dot org)

Fisher House is a non-profit organization that has set up houses, kinda like the Ronald McDonald’s houses, for wounded vets families. When a wounded vet is in one of the large military hospitals recovering (hopefully), their loved ones have to pay out of pocket to travel/lodge in the city where the vet is hospitalized.

The families can stay at a Fisher House to help cut their expenses.

Also, on the website, on the right hand side is a box labelled HERO MILES. If you click on this, it will take you thru the steps to donate any frequent flier miles you may want to so that these miles can be used by the vet families to fly to the city where their vet is recovering.

I note this now because as we near year-end, you may have unused frequent flier miles that are about to expire. Make a gift of them to some vet…. Support Our Troops!

2 Responses

  1. Very interesting post Jake!

    Did you know that our Troops returning in the U.S. have the highest rate of suicide right now?

    Scary to think; that mentally our men and women are not being cared for.

    Ordered to do a job, and thrown to the win when they have completed their assignment.

    Uhg…so many branches on this tree. Lack of money, support, blah blah blah blah….

    Feeling for our men and women in the military….

    Welcoming the thoughts to help those who served…

  2. It’s amazing. I understand. I have a great, young friend (Matt) who has been to Afghanistan and back twice now, prepping for a third time. (I also have an American friend prepping for his third tour to Iraq). It freaks my freak (as Ellen would say). I think of Matt on a dainly basis- as I tune into CBC news (here in Canada) I reel in my own desperation that his mane is not called on the roll of soldiers who have been injured or killed. He is a medic.
    In Canada, we don’t have as many troops overseas as you do in the US but, none-the-less, we are there not only as the proverbial peace-keepers but as the individuals who are clearing land mines. It’s fucked. I hate it. I hate this. But I honor our troops, here and in the US.
    We see our troops come home, unlike you in the US. There is very little glossy cover-up here. We see all. We see more here about what’s going on in the US than you do. It’s sad. I had posted a link at flickr:
    visit it. you will find a lot more proper news coverage than the gloss you get from your networks. trust me: we have all of them here.

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