Opinions Please!

Daddy needs a new camera.

My present camera is six years old. I should have renewed a while ago. I am desperate! I feel as though I am lost without it. It still takes pics; it still takes video. But on more occasions than not, it gives me tons of heartache.

Nuff said.
I MUST throw out a HUGE thanks to Kari of Wimomz (from flickr) for the helpful words and emails that she has sent in encouragement of my shopping-for-a-new-camera dillema!

Here are the cameras I am presently looking at:

Canon – PowerShot 8.0MP Digital Camera

  • 8.0-megapixel 1/2.5″ CCD captures high-resolution images up to 3264 x 2448 pixels
    6x optical/4x digital/24x total zoom
    2.5″ color TFT-LCD monitor; real-image optical zoom viewfinder

Olympus SP500 Ultra Zoom Digital Camera 6.0MP 10x Opt Zoom

  • Imager 6 megapixel effective, 6.37 megapixel gross
  • 1/2.5h CCDLens 6.3 – 63 mm (38-380mm equivalent in 35mm photography)
  • 11 lenses in 7 groups, 2 aspherical lensZoom Seamless to 50x (10x optical and 5x digital combined)
  • Aperture Range f2.8- f3.7 (adjustable in 1/3 EV step)LCD 2.5″ color LCD, approx. 115,000 pixels

Opinions PLEASE!!

Any other cameras out there that i should really know about?

Price range is $200- 300 at the moment (i know the last camera is more but i’m willing!).

16 Responses

  1. so funny–i was JUST thinking about buying a new camera when i went on to flickr and saw your post!!! my camera is 4 years old now and i’m tired of it and want something a little better, faster. wish i knew what to tell you but i’m kinda clueless… i’m sure you will get some great advice. check w/ carrie (wadyphoto) too bc she is a photographer! good luck!!!!

  2. Hey Jake!!
    I’ve been thinking about buying a new camera for a while. My current camera is an Olympus, only has 1.3 megapixel & NO ZOOM on it!!! I did a dumb thing 2 years ago I spent alot of money on a film camera Canon Rebel ti, don’t ask me why, just dumb!! if you can afford it I would go with the one with the most optical zoom, that’s what counts not necessarily the megapixels unless you are going to blow up your photos to poster size here’s a great website, they do reviews on all digital cameras
    dpreview.com Happy shopping!!

  3. Jake – In my price range I bought a Canon Powershot A640 10 MP – camera – less than $300.00 I’ll e-mail a photo to you.

    You can find them on line ranging up to a bit over $400.00 – but they are being sold for under the $300.00 price range that I too required. googling will find the best price in your area.

    Good luck!!!

    Excited for you – Palestar

  4. My dad just bought a
    Canon PowerShot SX100 IS
    it is in your price range and has a 10X optical zoom

    I Love the olympus 770sw it is waterproof, crush proof, freeze proof, and shock proof, but only has a 3x optical zoom. A very cool camera though. I have used the underwater wide mode out of the water too, for cool wide angle pier shots at the beach

  5. Nikon makes one called the
    COOLPIX P5000
    that is 10 megapixals,
    but only has a 3.5x optical zoom.
    You can upgrade it later though by adding the Available Telephoto and Wide Angle adapters to expand the camera’s capabilities along with your own. I like having the higher megapixals, then you can crop shots and still get a high quality image. I don’t make large prints very often, but I do make up for my lack of a better zoom lens, by cropping my hummingbird shots. So you see less background and more hummingbird.

  6. I also have the olympus e-500, it is very similar to the e-510, but does not have live view, and it’s
    only 8 megapixals. I have seen
    E-500’s for as low as $519 with the lens kit. You can also find the E-500 body only starting at $361.

  7. hmmmm..do you want a pocket camera or one that you can add lens to? what type of batteries are do you want to buy/recharge? do both have all the settings you need? can you change from auto 2 manual?

  8. I’d go with a Cannon or a Nikon. I like the powershot a lot and it got great reviews in my consumer reports magazine. Good luck Jake! I owe you an email.

  9. JAKE BRO!!!

    I am on the same search! Something newer, better, and easier to use.

    Uhg! The pain of shopping around! LOL


  10. Hey Jake
    That Canon a sweet camera…I have a Canon already and love it..good luck with shopping..I’m hoping for a new lens from mr. ho ho!

  11. hey jakers,
    just found out that hubby bought me a new camera for xmas, he got me the Kodak z650, here is the link for it….



  12. Hallo dahling,

    We just bought the PowerShot. We love it (we upgraded from the previous PowerShot).
    You get bang for your buck- reliable, simple, good enough quality.

  13. i’m pretty sure that i want something pretty straight forward right now, considering my price range. although i wouldn’t mind having something that i can change lenses with.
    also, outside of price range, i think i want to keep it simple for both kev and i.
    mucho appreciated!

  14. Go canon. Their powershots are unbeatable, with lot’s of manual controls. Of you need only 4x zoom A570is is great. A720is has 6x zoom.

  15. Jakester… I have two cameras that I absolutelu loveeee…. My canon rebel xti (slr) TRIPPLE love it and worth every penny…. But I also have a sony finepix, and I love the quality of the photos and I am sure they are way cheaper then when i purchased it and might even have one with more megapixels now too, mine is about 4 yrs old but i still love it! ( I also love it because its a charged battery, instead of having to purchace them all the darn time! =) )

  16. so have you made a decision yet??? 🙂

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