Heath Ledger

Yesterday, at about 3:30PM Eastern, Heath Ledger was found dead.

Writing this destroys me. He was (am I really saying “was”?) one of the “good” ones. In this, I mean, he was a true artist to me. I fell in love with him immediately. He was clearly fantastically dedicated to his craft, which is what made me fall for him. “In love” by no means implies that I was truly in love with him. I loved this man for his craft. For his dedication to his Self. To his family. Regardless of what comes from what the cause of death might come, I know that it was not intentional. There was too much to him to have allowed himself to die on purpose. His daughter. His dedication to his craft (how many times can I say that). He was true to himself.

That said, I believe that he struggled with his demons. I believe they go deeper than anyone really knows and that may come out. As they did with James Dean. I do not compare them so much but there are parallels. As far as I will go at this juncture.

I am sad. I have cried. I fell for him mostly.

I would love for him to be remembered as a fantastic actor. Not as the actor that was on his way. He had a gorgeous roster of films that shared with us his intensity of his work and where he really stood as an individual, as an actor, as an artist.

Goodbye, sweet man. Thank You for your commitment to your work and for what you gave to us while you were here.

3 Responses

  1. Jake…..
    Heath was truly an artist that was not swayed by the political standards and public opinion that most actors would fear to confront. The most poignant example would be Brokeback Mountain. It took a lot of guts,pride, and focus to create such a realistic scenerio. Regardless, I was and still am; looking forward to the DARK KNIGHT and Heath as the JOKER. May he find the answers and peace that so many look for today. It is unfortunate that we all take notice when it is too late….. PEACE TO HIM AND HIS FAMILY!!!

  2. Me too, Bobby! I am (as you know!) a big sci-fi fan (I DO catagorize the batman/ dark knight series as sci-fi) and I know we won’t be diappointed by his- an others- performances(s)!

  3. Well said, my friend! Beautiful tribute….

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