Hilly, Barack and Eli Stone

I don’t often feel too inspired to blog about television but tonight is an exception.

I was rather surprised and happy to see that the shit shots between Clinton and Obama were kept to a minimum. There was much respect and what appeared to be warmth and more relaxation within both candidates. I was waiting with anticipation for the question that was finally asked as the last one: “Would either of you consider an Obama-Clinton or Clinton-Obama ticket?” Yes!

I have sat watching the debates with appreciation and disappointment. I had been back and forth between the two candidates (with a lean towards Clinton) and I have wondered: is it possible? I think it is. After tonight, I think it is. I can only hope.

On to Eli Stone.

Out of complete curiosity, I watched. It’s really the only new show of a new season that is not already in repeats after three episodes. [Writer’s Strike must halt!] I was really happy to find that the story line was completely new and refreshing in a familiar way. Wow. What writing. I haven’t been happy about a show since last year when I fell in love with Studio 60. I’m scared to love it so much- will I jinx it to cancel? I feel like Shirley McLaine in What A Way To Go. At any rate, a great new show. About a lawyer with an unnavigable aneurysm. First client representation was defending a mother who was suing a Medical Magnate who had a vaccine that was given to her son who became autistic. Good TV. Comedic value and GREAT stories that need attention.

Now, I procrastinate. I must get to work. Lots to do before tomorrow.

Peace. In.

One Response

  1. Jake I hope today is a better day for you.This grey
    weather also gets to me, some days more than others.
    It basically makes me lazy!
    I agree with you on the comments about Obama/Clinton, it would be a dream ticket and I do think it’s possible and that it would work! (I watched that debate also) Eli Stone looks like a promising show. Loved it….and love reading your blog!

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