If suffering from SAD or Depression…

…one should, clearly, stay away from over-indulging on the booze.

This is my plight. A couple of cocktails is fine. Drinking in excess to the extent that it hurts you and others for absolutely stupid reasons is not fine. I know it. I am not an alcoholic- by any means. So, I am not a trained drinker, really. To that extent.

I have had a blue day. It is grey. A winter storm yesterday. Temperature rising today brought lakes of slush everywhere. My new winter boots are not waterproof. That makes absolutely no sense to me. I went out today to go work at the present studio even tho i had no scheduled appointments. The building: locked. The studio: locked. Made my way in at each check-point and there was no one. Nada. Zilch. Evs. I turned around and left. I walked home and I was soaked by the time I got home. This weather sucks. I suck for being down and out. I fucking can’t wait for Spring.

There is SO much going on right now that it is making me feel ca-ha-razy! And it’s affecting me which- in turn- is affecting the ones I love. And the inner-sanctum of the House of Loved Ones is experiencing freak-out turmoil technical difficulties. Please stand by-

I have never wanted to be in the sun and the sand so bad. When I’ll ever get both again is not known. Fuck! I hate this. I need to take this shitty little attitude and these crap-ass feelings I have and revolutionize it in art. If I’m a troop in The Art Army, I must do what my commanding officers would tell me to do: tell the inner-voice to Fuck Off.

[not] Ironically, I’m feeling a little better now having released that-

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  1. I’ve been feeling the same way Jake! I can’t seem to get going though, with art or our flickr group. So instead I just walk away. I hear ya. Let me know if you discover the secret.

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