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  Today, I am cutting a client’s hair who has grown it to a length that she can donate it to an organization that provides wigs for people going through chemotherapy. A small act of kindness provides so much more than that small act. Confidence. Happiness. More.She is giving so much more. I could feel good about being part of it but it makes me think more about what I am consuming- being part of the consumption junction.I give extensions. Individual pieces of hair fused on to tiny sections of hair from the scalp. Women that I provide this for have told me that their self-confidence and esteem is built up. Of that, I am thankful. But then I think: Where am I consuming this from? Who in the world is being affected by this? My research has taught me a great deal.I never knew, for example, that I could find “free-trade” hair. The though never occurred to me. Who’s hair was I using? How was it not free-trade? Were there camps of little Cambodian or Indian children being farmed for their hair from the hair that I was using?The hair that I was purchasing came pre-fab. Keratin dipped for long lasting, enduring hair. I now know, from a stylist that I met with last evening, that we can create these ourselves. Control what, exactly, is going into the hair that we provide for our customers and still keep it at the same price. As you can imagine, the pre-fab, free-trade hair is a might more expensive. But she’s come up with a system.  I’m happy for that.Although I will not stop coloring people’s hair, giving people extensions, etc., there are ways that I can contribute to not affect what I was- in part- raping the globe of. We’re not perfect. I get it. I just want to make sure that if there are ways that I can affect the planet in a good way, that I do all that I can. I will try to get links up as soon as I can- as I continue to research- to help make anyone who cares more aware.Hey- did you know that you can take you hair clippings and scatter them into your garden? Great fertilizer! Just a thought- 

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  1. The hair is going in the mail tomorrow. For now it is sitting in its bag in my bedroom. I still need to chase my sister around with it for a bit. It’s an opportunity I can’t pass up. I have already had SO many compliments on my hair and I absolutely love it and do NOT regret it at all. I’m in love with my hair.
    If there is anyone else out there who wants to share in this liberating experience look at this website and you will have all the direction you need.,3182,3172_14519_84874484_langId-en,00.html

    PS Jake is a FANTASTIC stylist and if he hasn’t cut your hair yet, you’re missing out!

  2. Great job Jake! Fertilizer? Really?

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