Prepping for the other Divine Ms M

Is are dotted. Ts are crossed.

I lie. They are so not! I have less than 48 hours to prep for Sarah at the One Night Live concert. I haven’t got to much to pick up. It’s just always harder when I HAVE to go to THEM. Well, not harder. [seriously not a Diva here!] It’s just that, when they come to me, anything that I may be forgetting about is right there at my disposal. Going to them- well, if I forget something, I’m shit outta luck.

It’ll be fine.

I love working with her! She’s so fab. So much fun. So easy.

5 Responses

  1. ummm..don’t forget your scissors…wink, wink!

    you’ll do great, jake! xo

  2. Exciting! Have fun!

  3. And don’t forget your Flip! I am so jealous of HER! Does SHE get the Stila Smudge????
    Have a wonderful time!

  4. scissors. check.
    flip. check.
    Pam’s camera (!). check.

  5. p.s. yes. yes to stila smudgepot. getting her off of the Dior Waterproof liner (which i got her hooked on, as well as Diorshow Mascara- still THE best!)

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