One Night Live

A wonderful night with Sarah at One Night Live. Although not a fantastic photo op for me, I got the ones that were most important. There were others that had pics of her 8 month old but she requested that they did not make their way to the Net. Respect. Yo.

Not surprisingly, she was- once again- a dream to work with. Beautiful still at 40, she never ceases to crack me up with her wit and inspire me with her talent and downright make me feel at ease with her generous nature, professionalism and absolute loveliness. No, she is not a saint as people would like to believe. She can keep up with what’s going on around her and has a sharp enough tongue like any gay man I have ever met. I mean that, of course, in the best way. An honor, really!

Example of her generous nature: Kev came by the Air Canada Center (where the event was being held) and she made sure that there was a pass ready for him to come down to the dressing room and “hang” for a while. It’s been a few years since she’s seen him- and she was glad to again.

Moreover, she sent me home with a big, beautiful bouquet of roses- for Kev- for keeping me all day.

That being said, there is Flip of the event but I’m dog-ass tired at the mo’ and I will get that up tomorrow (which is- really- today!).

Early client in the morning. I’m meeting with my agent to go look at space(s)- AKA: the bane of my existence- and highlights and extensions all afternoon. Whew. I wanna sleep this whole weekend but I don’t think that there is even a REMOTE possibility.

Peace in.

3 Responses

  1. How exciting, Jake! There you go living that Rockstar life again. ;o) Lots of luck for the perfect space.

  2. jake–glad it all went well- sarah looks beautiful! 🙂

  3. Sounds like you had a great night!

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