Does Life Create The Journey or does The Journey Create Your Life?

Lately, I have been presented with extreme opportunity and obstacle. Of course. This is what life does to us. Whether we want to be conscious of it or not.

For years, I have believed that I think and feel deeper than the average person. I think that I attract like-minded people. Regardless of the post that I present here, you come and check it out, curious as to what I might have to say. Which means that you- most likely- believe the same about yourself. I visit many of your blogs and sites. Yes. I present posts that are superficial, that are cranky and bitter. But they are posts that present thoughtfulness none-the-less. I toot.

But lately, a lot of what I have been presented with in the past few decades have become more clear. I feel as though an invisible hand has taken the back of my neck and a voice-less voice has said: “No. Don’t look away. Focus. You were right. Now pay attention.” This has been hitting me quickly. It started in January and it has accelerated in the past couple of weeks. I still don’t know exactly what ‘it’ is, but it goes beyond what I am doing right now. The studio. The people who believe in what I am doing. The support, be it the cheerleaders or the out-and-out investors. It goes beyond all of that. There is something that is brewing.

I have been a fan of science fiction and science fact since my early 20s. I always thought of art as pure art. But art cannot exist without science fact. My obsession with physics and quantum physics- even as far as String and M-Theory- has been waking me more and more over the past couple of years. I have ignored what I found too frightening but the Invisible Hand behind my neck says that it’s time to deal. Focus. Focus on what the superficial is in front of you (the opening of the studio) and use that to really discover what is important.

For the past ten years, I have said that I will semi-retire at the age of 45. I am now 38. Last year, I started to concede that it wouldn’t happen. Then I woke up one day last fall and said to my Self: This is not too late.

And it is not.

I know that there is something profound waiting for me in my 40s. I have always known that. I don’t know what it is, but it’s starting to show itself to me. I do know that it is a mix of art, physics, quantum physics, Multiversal theory and spirituality. But beyond what is thought of as conventional spirituality. I use the term loosely as I don’t know what exactly it is. I do know that the spirituality that I’m writing about has more to do with the Self and how the Self interacts with others. With the world. With the Universe. And, ostensibly, the Multiverse.

I’m sure that none of this makes sense. But it does make sense to me. It’s not clear, but it makes sense.

The journey to my life. Life is the journey.

2 Responses

  1. jake! how exciting for YOU! have i told you lately that you ROCK!?

  2. And perhaps, as a role model of mine likes to say…The jouney is the destination.

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