Apart from the One Night Live Concert, I haven’t been further than a block away from my house for two weeks. 2 WEEKS!

This is what a Canadian winter does to me. At least this particular winter.

I’m done. This is getting serious.

I’m getting off my ass today- come hell or high water- to get myself some B12 and Vit. D.

At least it’s sunny-

I need a space. Now. I’m disappointed in my agent. *ahem* agents. I now have four agents looking for me. Two of which think that I must be made of gold. Two of them got wind of some of my more prominent clientele and- I have been told- that they both have said: “Well- he can afford it if he does THEM.” Um- just because of WHO they are, doesn’t mean that they spend anymore money on getting their looks done than any others. People just don’t get that. Stars don’t ALL pay more just because they are stars. That’s why I continue to keep them. I don’t over-charge them just because of who they are. HELLO!

I digress-

So, yes. I am NOT made of money. I have my money issues just like everyone else does. I am freelance. SO, if I am working with “so-and-so” last month, it doesn’t mean that I have a ton of the same this month. Truly. This month has been bad. I think that everyone must be in the same space that I am.

Needing a shot of B12 and D.

Grr. Argh.

It may not seem like it, but I DO still have a sense of humor!


2 Responses

  1. Jakey – Here’s a BIG SHOT of YELLOW for you!!

  2. i hear ya..i really do! spring is almost here, my friend! xo

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