tryin. tryin real hard. a damn good go at it too.

it has been a madcap couple weeks for ol Jake.

I am disheartened at the whole “finding a space” thing.

i am off to the farm for the first time this year on wednesday until the following monday. posting will be intermittent.

back in TO for two weeks and then off to LA; if everything goes according to plan. i will stay with my and keven’s new dates, L&K, hang by the pool, do a little hair and do some red carpet stuff. oh! and most importantly- come hell or high water- meet up with an important friend, muse, and all round inspiration (shall I call her Trilby?), Linda W! Now that will make the trip worth it. Hopefully she owns a cute little bathing suit and a pair of mules (kitten heels or stilettos would suffice as well) and she can come over and hang at the rock star’s pool with me. now that would be a fun vlog-

glad it’s the weekend. surprisingly, i have no work tomorrow (on a SATURDAY? NO HAIR? OR MAKEUP?) so i will be stocking up on stuff that i need desperately. sunday, i work. only one client but i need to be done by 5PM EDT as i will need to watch Inside the Actor’s Studio. It is a sunday tradition pour moi. along with watching films, but i guess i’ll have to trump that idea and preclude it to tomorrow.

Wednesday was Kev and my 10 year anniversary. we had lunch at dong hai, our favorite lunch place. it was cold and miserable so we did shit all. kev painted a portrait of the two of us which is still in the works, but stunning none-the-less. wadda wonderful hubby!

all-in-all, for as disappointing as a lot of this week has been, i feel pretty good.
let’s hope it remains.

i keep looking “in” and realizing that i am extremely grateful for all that i DO have.

i would say that i am lucky but i believe that if i put the vibration out there, everything around me reacts positively. i certainly do not mean that in a hippy-dippy spiritual way; no. more in a quantum physical kinda way.
scientifically, for every action there is a reaction. i believe, of equal or greater energy. if it a good one, good comes back. if it’s a bad one, shite comes back. simple yet effective.

here’s to a good weekend to you all.

2 Responses

  1. YOU are a busy buddy…thinking of you… xo

  2. You need a vacation!
    I am sorry to say I do not even own a bathing suit but I will be thrilled to sit next to the pool with you in my entirely black wardrobe. I’m too cool for the pool. HAHHA!

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