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my beautiful and brilliant “spiritual” nephew, joey, is high functioning autistic; or as most refer to as aspergers.
he spent the early part of his life with ONLY his parents and sister; until he was about 16+. at that point, HE decided to introduce himself to society.

he is in many of my photos on flickr:

i can spend hours upon hours with him. and i am very happy to say that he now lives about six doors down from me so i CAN spend hours and hours with him!

i want him to come join flickr as he is a graphic/ photographic genius. he is developing my website for the studio/ salon i am opening.

a fantastic book for all adults to learn about life with aspergers:

Look Me in the Eye: My Life with Asperger’s by John Elder Robison

6 Responses

  1. he looks like a beautiful person–so glad you live close and can hang! 🙂

  2. He has the coolest uncle ever! Lucky guy!

  3. I am thrilled that Joey has the love and support of so many! Unfortunately, I see those who don’t. We have a lot of young people at the shelter who have been diagnosed as having Aspergers…I shudder to think of those I didn’t know lived with Aspergers and how I would have done things differently!! sigh….
    You’re a gift to each other…making my Heart Smile

  4. Linda your more than right, Jake is the best Uncle ever! he totally gets me, and hanging out is always a blast, along with our many random adventures!

    Thanks Liz, meow, your so awesome!

    neicey… its never to late to learn to live with aspergers, it just seems that way, After I was diagnosed all the negative doors in my life closed and I stared thinking in new ways and understanding why I thought certain thing and grow and become a better person. Life is just crazy, so I just think I fit in just fine, at lest in my head. lol

    Jake, your my Awesome uncle, Thanks for always being there when I got boy troubles, and always making my hair fierce!

  5. I couldn’t LOVE you more, Joey-

  6. I love you both, boys! Lucky, Lucky, Lucky – thats what I am!


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