Bagged. Baggage.

I’m fucking bagged. That being said, we spent a ton of time at sephora today. i got a new concealer that was NOT Dior Skinflash (my face crack) but was Makeup Forever. 1/2 the price and looks fab. How is that? I thought everything had to be stupidly expensive to look good. Oh well-

What a past couple of weeks. I have been very busy doing a blitz of hair extensions, documenting my new gals enjoying the process, for a potential TV show I have pitched. Let’s see where that will go. I’m confident.
Me on TV.
A stretch, right?

I just returned back to TO having worked at one of my high-end spas recently where I got to work with some fabulous(ly rich) ladies. Past that, I did a fashion show that I ended up being in as well.
Lord Jesus.
Beach Wear, no less. [“dude,” Jake says in his best Straight. Seriously. It was like an “act” in a play. I had to “play” the straight surfer dude in a fashion show.]
I looked hot, of course. all white and electric blue- Oakley sunglasses. I wanted to beat me up-

We are LA-bound April 30th for a bit. It’s been so cold in Toronto. Of course, I predict very hot temps in Toronto the time we are gone. Murphy’s Law; sure out to getcha.

We are so excited to get there:
*Getting to see our dates, The Rossis, Lukas and Kendra!
*I will also be hooking up with my new bud, author Linda Woods (“Journal Revolution” , “Visual Chronicles” ). If you don’t have her books, get them now!
*We are going to try and hook up with some ol’ makeup buds from our TV and film days; Todd McIntosh (“Buffy the Vampire Slayer”) and David DeLeon. That remains to be seen. As in, we still have to contact them.

That’s it fer now.

I’m seriously bagged.


4 Responses

  1. Sounds like you’ve been one busy lil bee and that things are going well! I like that! I can’t wait to hear more bout the tv thing and see some pics of the LW meet up.

  2. jake, have i told you lately how fabulous i think you are!?!?

    ummm…and where are the pics of the fashion show???

    🙂 xo

  3. kim- yes! busy! it’s been good! and HELLO! to the LW meet up! I can’t wait!

    liz- i think you’re fabulous too! are you gonna make it to LA to vlog with LW and me?! LOL
    As for the pics from this fashion show- not gonna happen! I don’t know anyone who took any so i’m safe! whew!

  4. Jake..good buys..I love when that happens! I bought both of those books..had to order them through Indigo. OMG…You’re off to LA next week WOOO HOOO!!
    Of course I can see you on TV..I already have..remember! I can’t wait to see more of you

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