the makeup blog

i have found the best new makeup.

i feel as though i have been so focused on other stuff lately that i haven’t had time to see what was new.

thanks to my Pammers needing all new makup, we shopped with/ for her the other day at Sephora on Bloor in Toronto.

I thought I knew everything- what was best; what was new. I was sadly mistaken.

So, without further adieu, here are some of my new favorites:

Makeup Forever Lift Concealer

if you are a little dry around the eye- or anywhere on the face for that matter- this is it! bought for me, i use it mostly under my eyes. i have the ol’ dark circles. it’s super dewy and fantasticly fabulous.

Benefit Industrial Strength Concealer

seriously. industrial strength. this stuff is so pigmented that a little dab’ll do ya. not for the dry at eye or skin, unless uber moisturized.

Tarte Cheek stains

having tried all of them on Pammers, she got four. one of which was “sunkissed” which we all tried and all bought (i.e. Pam bought for us in appreciation! Thanks Pammers!). they all have smells like “jello” and “coconut” (the sunkissed). so sheer on the skin that it looks like it’s coming from beneath your skin. stains the skin and lasts just the day you wear it. fierce. this is DEFINITELY my new fav.

Makeup Forever Lift Foundation

beautiful, hydrating blended skin. great cover without the cakey look or feel. a must have for all.

Tarte Double dose berry boost & gloss

delicious flavours. uber glossy without feeling like they’re going to slide off your lips. and tasty. and plumpy without the burning sensation.

That’s it for now-


4 Responses

  1. make up??? I thought that was something you did after a fight….

  2. HA! Many! You so funny girl!

  3. the stains: REALLY? I am afraid that if I try them it will look like I spilled ink on my face.
    But if you say so I trust you.

  4. […] Arriving on day one, we immediately hooked up with Linda Woods at Sherman Oaks Mall. At Sephora, of course. We had a mini personal shop with Linda and she fell in love with Tarte stain blush and Makeup Forever liquid foundation. It’s all about dewy and youthful. […]

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