too much; too little time

Minimal clients this week- one a day.

Too much Focus on the trip-
It seems that time will definitely fly while we are there.

Possible day trips outside of the required:

Catelina, Santa Barbara, 1/2 way to San Diego (for a San Diego friend meet-up); or maybe we’ll scratch all of that and just shop. Kev wants to go do the Star Walk and Chinese Theater. Gotta do it for him- it’s soo boring! But must be done. I told him I was surprised that- for all the times that he has/ we have spent in LA- he never went.

Hoping to catch up with friends in Venice as well. My ol’ hippie surfer dudes and dudettes that I haven’t seen since (probably) 1993. May be too weird. We’ll see-

There are only three peeps that I WANT to see for sure. And I will. All others will be icing, cherries and sprinkles. [That’s a good thing!]

3 Responses

  1. Groman’s Chinese theater? It is boring, you are right. But, there are worse things you could have to do :).
    Santa Barbara is beautiful right now!
    I am counting the days!

  2. Me too Linder. Me too!

  3. Get the boring over right away…then you’ll have the rest of the time for FUN FUN FUN
    I reading backwards..still don’t know if it’s a work or pleasure trip

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