Oh, the (hair)manity!

Saturday, April 19th

Extensions growing out.

Minutes ago. Sans extensions.

It’s amazing what a little makeup and a flat iron can do.

I had to give my head a little breather. I’m getting my hair re-did on Sunday. Gotta have fresh hair for LA.

Here’s my dilemma: I have wanted to have “Tank Girl-esque” hair for a while now.

I almost did it last time.

And hair is JUST hair.

Do I do it? Or do I freshen up the 1st look up there?^^ The Dave Navarro-looking one?

I could have worse problems, I know!

Opinions are welcome.

Oh- but I’m not doing a “sweet little boy next door” hair cut. I’ve has that all winter. Tired of it.

Just sayin’-


2 Responses

  1. Go for the ‘tank girl-esque’ whatever the fuck that is…..It will be Fab on you…anything looks great on you. I’m so behind…YOU’RE going to L A?! WOW!
    When?? So exciting love…I hope you have a Great Trip and I can’t wait to hear all about it!

  2. oops! my photo of tank girl disappeared.
    back up for your enjoyment.

    i have a feeling i’ll do the navarro thing again.

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