Finally. An LA Blog.

Now home and reeling in all that was last week, I am focused enough to write about my experience.

Here’s how it went down:

Arriving on day one, we immediately hooked up with Linda Woods at Sherman Oaks Mall. At Sephora, of course. We had a mini personal shop with Linda and she fell in love with Tarte stain blush and Makeup Forever liquid foundation. It’s all about dewy and youthful.

I was not surprised to learn that- live and in person- I fell in love with her as much as I did with her as an online friend. As did Kev. Why did we not take our camera for those meet ups? Thank Goddess Linda did.

So. Immediately, our freak was freaked. We get back to The Rossis (where we were staying) and, again, immediately fell in love with Lukas’ drummer, Jon. He is an AWESOME individual who- i must say- is probably the best damn drummer i have ever seen or heard. I kid you not. I USED to love Tommy Lee (go ahead and judge me, mother fuckers! That man is a talent!) but he is now in second place. Jonny rocks.

SO. We continue to hang at the Rossis whom, BTW, were not there for the first two days we were there. They were in Canada where Lukas was giving a pep speech to kids about his successes and how they too can live the dream. Nice. I digress. Thursday, the band (sans Luke) rehearse and get their set together as Kev, Mellis (Luke and Kendra’s assistant) and I prepared dinner for the kids. A day in the life. We love taking care of peeps. It’s a ton of fun. And to have Kev cook for you- wow. I’ve been living that dream for 10 years. Lucky me!

Jon and I proceed to have a Guac- off. Not only do we do that, but we do it with Stars Down Bassist, German, watching over us. He is Mexican and KNOWS Guac. It was intimidating. Needless to say, Jon fell in love with my Guac and I made it for him another two times. [He and his girlfriend are coming for dinner this Saturday and I am making him more Guac. He WILL bleed Guac.]

Friday rolls around and it’s time to go to Gig one at Crash Mansion. We pile in to the venue and wait to prep our kids by taking pics.


We get our kids pretty and proceed to pretty up Ms Storm Large as well.

The show was amazing, of course! If you have not heard Stars Down, you must. [Click on the link to the left.]

Here’s a peek:

I HAD to add the feet pic. I love Lukas’ shoes. He has the best foot wear. Oh. And jewelry. Oh. And fashion sense in general.

The evening continues as Luke meets up with some great and loyal fans. Lou Dawson is the keyboard player with Stars Down. She is ga-reat to watch.

These kids all have an amazing synergy.

We finish off the nite at The Rainbow Room on Sunset Blvd. where we party like rock stars with Lou, Storm, Toby Rand, Mary Carey et al. Much fun was had. But not too much. We had Saturday to deal with.

The show at The Mint was truly a surreal experience. Going to live gigs is a favorite thing for both Kev and I. I can honestly say: There has never been a time that I have felt so connected to a performer, let alone four. The synergy on Friday was eclipsed by the what we experienced Saturday. I wish I could play for you what’s in my mind. But you will be able to experience what we did. The whole show on Saturday was recorded and is going to be available real soon on DVD. Oy. Buy it when it is. Amazing-

Once the show was done on Saturday, we piled back into the Navigator and headed back to the House of Rossi where we Karaoked all night. Last ones standing were Kev, Jon and me. 5:30, i believe, was when we stumbled into bed. 

Sunday was chill. We all just hung out and enjoyed one another. It was truly lovely. We cooked more. Well- Kev cooked more. I believe that I now officially have to share my hubby with our new spouses, The Rossis. [My new name, BTW, is Jake Gregory-Jade-Rossi-Woods-Surette. We are married to Linda now as well.] Oh, polygamy.

Monday was another date with Linda for Breakfast at Northridge Mall. We love LA malls. We admit. We love malls in general. [We dropped a bit (okay: a lot) at our new favorite store, Hot Topic. We have discovered them online and they have free shipping on orders over $70. That’s dangerous.] Linda and I exchanged art pieces and cried while we did so.

I have the video but, unfortunately, now that I am on a mac, my flip viddys are not reading. [Note to self: Gotta call Liz. Same thing happened to her.]

Depressed, Kev and I headed back to the House of Rossi and hung with the boys all afternoon (Kendra was at work). In that time, Kev got THE most amazing shots of the boys playing hackie sack. 

Kev is getting to be a photo master, thanks to his artist eye and the photo shoots that he does with our Pammers. Truly, a photographic genius!

At any rate, we got up early Tuesday, gave Luka a hug and loaded our luggage and Jon into our rental, got to the airport, checked in, had breakfast with Jon and said our goodbyes to him. 

A whirlwind week.

We are suffering from withdrawl; from some of the most amazing peeps in the world. Sad but happy that they are in our lives. And happy to see our pooses. And happy to see Pam. We thank the goddess everyday for her. Without her, we’re nothing. Well, we are, but she makes our lives a hell of a lot easier! 

Now. If we could just meld all of what we have been blessed with in one place- being the enabling co-dependents that we are- we’d be all set. But until we are completely solidly financially stable, we will have to continue with this Bi-Coastal thing.


5 Responses

  1. Meanwhile… Back at the Ranch! OMG I missed you guys, though I am happy you had the chance to meet up with Linda Woods, and share the gift of art, in the form of gifts. I am green with envy that you got to go uber shopping at Hot Topic, they got Style, and Fierce Shit, Yo! Hopfully the sunshine has followed you home, cuz while you were gone it rained crazy like a Tranny hot mess! Next time I am hiding in your Carry on!

  2. Your photos are GREAT!! And so is Tommy Lee, who would ever say he isn’t? It’s ok, he can be in second place, tho.
    Linda Surette Woods. That sounds LOVELY. Almost as good as Ton Sur Ton. I wish they still existed. Oh, maybe they do, just not in the USA. Anyway, my new name sounds cool. Who cares about them, we’re talking about us.
    Come baaaaaaaaaaaaack! Come baaaaaaaaaaaack!!!!

  3. I love the recap in writing! Kev’s shots ROCK! I loved hearing all about it and watching the videos – I’m SO loving the necklace you boyZ brought me 🙂 More than anything I’m thrilled you all had a great time in LA LA. Most more than anything- I missed you guys LARGE and was sooooo happy to have you home safe and sound 🙂

    Much Love

  4. Wow!!!! Sounds like an awesome time spent in Cali! Glad you enjoyed it, and glad you and Linda were able to meet up!!!!

    congrats on glamma!!! Wish I was coming up too!!!!

  5. Sounds like you had a rocked out time! Love the photos Jake….missed you in NY….:)

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