Grammar Bitch

I know that I’m not perfect.

The fact that I’m even writing this blog entry with capitals correctly is a feat. 

I am writing this, inspired by another blog that i read and check in on at least five times a day. 

This particular blogger asked her readers: “What do you want?”

A response to the question was: “I would like people to know the difference between plural and possessive when they are writing.”

This (all grammar and punctuation) is a pet peeve of mine. And I don’t know how to address this peeve to people that write to me, comment to me, etc. 

So. A simple solution.

There’s a great book out there for all who are challenged in this arena. Which is most people. 


It was recommended to me by one of THE most uber-intelligent people I know. I really thought I knew everything about grammar and punctuation but I realized, after reading this book, that I did not. The fact that she read it and learned from it meant that I needed to learn from it as well. She is seriously the most intelligent person I know.

So. Everyone. Do yourself a favor and get yourself this book. It is all that you need. AND! There are punctuation stickers included in the back of the paperback version of it! STICKERS! Who doesn’t want stickers?

2 Responses

  1. ohhh! that book sounds right up my alley! wonder if there is a book out there for super spellers? anyway- i will add it to my list of book’s i need to get! HAH! gotcha! books not book’s! 🙂

  2. Yes! That is a great book!

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