A Vlog. Waddup?

5 Responses

  1. LOL! You are so funny! Glad you got it stopped – thought I was going to have to listen to you forever – phew!

    I kid – Love you and Glamma! Love the VLOG and see ya soon!!

    Pammers 🙂

    PS does a lesbian have to come over there and do something with that door trim? It does look like shit! Next time use Jeffery’s garden for the backdrop!

  2. So wait, you are or are NOT looking forward to Gay Pride? I couldn’t really tell.
    I am looking forward to JUNE!

  3. heheh.
    sorry if that was confusing!
    there are many things about gay pride i was NOT looking forward to.
    because we have convinced Lukas & Kendra to join in the gaydeer games, I am MORE looking forward to it. There are still many parts of Toronto Pride that I am NOT looking forward to.

  4. jake..do a vlog everyday, please? i could listen to you ‘digress’ forever!

    oh, and btw–i’m happy to rock your world…. 😉

  5. Love the vlog! M and I are a couple. Can we be your friends? :o)

    Love how the sun was split your face during this! Sunny one side…not so much on the other side. LOL I’m a dork!

    Can’t wait to see more!

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