Ah. Okay. I get that.

Did you hear? Did you HEAR? 

Tell me everything, my dear!

Good god! Fucking Hollywood. I love it as much as I hate what it STILL has to be.

Lindsay Lohan. I have never hated her. I have never loved her. I have never really liked or dis-liked her. But here’s the thing:

Girlfriend went to a party at P-Diddy’s yacht this past weekend and everyone is up in arms that she’s dating a chick. 

I am almost at a: “OH! NOW I get it!” part of trying to understand The Lohan. Femmes are never that clear to me. In terms of coming-out-ness. But I get it now.

People are saying it’s a stunt; that she’s got the best publicists working for (I believe that) and that this is just the next thing in a succession of “stunts”. I don’t believe that. At all. I think that The Lohan has great publicists that keep everything at a simmer for what she does. 

Hollywood has its demons. Hello. And Hollywood execs and money men (and women) continue to try to control and to create something of a star that is not. 

So, LL. If this is your happiness (and I think it is), I say good for you. I hope that yo’ new mama is keeping you very happy. She is clearly taking great care of you.

Lindsay Lohan and her girlfriend Samantha Ronson hold hands as they disembark P. Diddy’s yacht in Cannes

4 Responses

  1. WHAT? How did I miss this? I don’t think the news is that she is dating a chic, it’s that she is dating a MIME!!!

  2. OMG! That must be what everyone is up in arms about!

  3. I don’t know if Linds is bi or gay — and really what difference does it make? — but isn’t it weird that in 2008 people are still all like OMG about who’s queer and who’s not?

    Samantha’s hot. Lindsay’s hot. They make a hot couple! I look forward to seeing their layout in OUT soon. Maybe it will even beat the Etheridge/Cypher PETA ad, which was way sexy for its time.

    As a side note, Lindsay had some shitty experiences with gross straight men, like that vapid idiot who hung out with the vacuous waste we know as Paris Hilton. What was his name? Brandon Davis? Something that reeked of inheritance. Anyway, I felt for Lindsay during the whole “fire crotch” fiasco, and I’m glad she’s happy now,and the idiots who damned her are still idiots and damned ones at that.

    Ha! I make long posts even as a commenter.

  4. I agree. She found love, something real, that’s what we all want! GO LL!!

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