A Day That I Will Never Have Back. I’m Fine With That.

One thing after another.

It just continued.

An admin day (which I detest anyway) turned absolute static.

You know when you used to play a record (a 45 or a 33) on your old Mickey Mouse of a turn table? That horrid scratch sound?

That’s what my day has been.

Phone off. Email off. Closing the computer as soon as I finish this post.



4 Responses

  1. Mercury is in Retrograde until June 19th. This is only the beginning, my friend.
    I was in the exact same boat today.

  2. Me too. It must be in the air or something.

  3. i hope you have a better day today! xo

  4. Oh good old mercury! I am in the middle of planning a wedding thats in 4 months with no venue! with a bride,,, lets just keep it at that…

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