The Universe Has a Funny Way-

-of showing you that it’s on your side.

Tonight, I am watching back-to-back favorite films. Most on the same station.

Blast From The Past (Brendon Frasier, Alicia Silverstone)

The American President (Annette Benning makes it)





The only one missing is The Thin Man. But I own all of them.

I just find it ironic that they would all happen to be on the same night.

Thanks, Universe, for the kickback. I appreciate it.

K. Closing my computer again.

5 Responses

  1. Beautiful Girls was on. I watched it of course. We take the kickbacks where we can get em, you know?

  2. oh, i love when that happens!

  3. Hey Jake! I too love it when we get those wonderfully needed signs…no matter how small!

    glad you had some Jake time today!

  4. Loving how you recognize the bigger picture in why things happen. A quiet night of enjoyment in front of a TV. Alone to smile, laugh, and just stay in a moment.

    Hugs to you Bro…

  5. I have a mad crush on Annette Benning, even if she is married to my imaginary father.

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