A New Catharsis

This is an abridged comment/ response that I left for a blogger today. It’s all about balance.


it’s a NEW catharsis, isn’t it?

i count my lucky stars daily for the commitment that my life partner has in terms of eating healthy. It has, for the most part, rubbed off on me.

it wasn’t long ago (maybe eight years) that he would ring out how people of a certain weight should not wear colors of fruit. lo! and behold! we found photos of us- three years into our relationship (around the same time)- with him in the brightest of fruit colors. head to toe. tangerine. sea foam blue. coral (okay. i know the last two are not fruit but you get my meaning). and him as a person of a certain weight. he proclaimed: “i was nasty.” he meant of what he said- not of how he looked.

the fact of the matter is this: if i didn’t have this training- this Whole Foods idea of eating and living- i would be living on delicious fries, yummy burgers, lays potato chips and stacks of french bread.

don’t get me wrong! i, still, will eat the comfort food. i think that it is a treat and it is sometimes needed. but balance, sugar. [pun intended.] completely denying yourself of things that you will occasionally want is unhealthy.

cut to mon ami. we’ll call her Muffin (’cause that’s what we call each other). She refuses to have any treats in her house and, post-work out, she can often land on my doorstep for a visit (the gym is across the street) and manage to mow down all lays, cheese and bacon, if it’s available (she is “Vegan” as it is “healthy” in her mind to be).

My point is- and I do have one- this: to sit with YOUR SELF for at least 20 minutes at a table with good food and you. I am a huge fan of whole foods. And- if you are ever at a loss for what prepare- the lovely hippies AT Wholefoods are more than happy to help you out with prep.

I’m at a steady 16 lb. weight loss (for two months- stable). Although I need to lose about ten more, I am happy that I am not “there” anymore. It scared the shit out of me.

Balance again. I hate to say it (because I HATE the thought of it): exercise. It sucks. For me, at least. But I have found things that I like to do. [hip hop dancing and hacky sack. I’m 38 and I haven’t played hacky sack since I was 22. It’s really fun. And it amuses straight boys that a gay boy can be so good. Oh, stigma! But I use it- I’m not going to lie!]

Activities that you LIKE to do are imperative. Because exercise for the sake of it leads to resentment (ahem!- Oprah) and no one wants that.

13 Responses

  1. Loved it, Jake! And hey, whadda you know? I have a Muffin in my life, too. Since I pulled the junk food, she visits less frequently, or brings her own pastries when she does.

  2. hah! i have a muffin…muffin top, that is… damn! i love food tooo much. HELP!

    glad to hear SOMEONE is shedding lbs… 🙂 xo

    ps-please flip yourself doing the hacky sack thing-i wanna see that!

  3. It’s true that the hippies at Whole Foods are almost always happy to help with food suggestions and I just really don’t get why none of those hippies see that there is a whole section of the store dedicated to beauty and supplies that help you smell better. Why does eating healthier foods mean you have to be hairier and smell bad? There are organic shaving creams and soaps.

  4. I really want to see the hacky sack thing too!!! please, please, please!!!

  5. I freaking love this Jake. Your words are plainly poetic, and filled with such charisma!!!!

  6. Great post Jake!

  7. And I gotta to add, I love the new banner! 😀

  8. Is ice cream a whole food? I kid – I have to drop some poundage too! Your Partner has taught me much about shopping for tasty healthy alternatives – not to mention shoes!

  9. You can totally do it!!!!

  10. i am NOT a vegan!

  11. I think I missed the point. It is good or bad that i occasionally eat junk food?

  12. i agree about the banner – this one is quite good

  13. MUFFIN! you found me!
    I think it’s good the way you eat treats- I wish I could keep treats out of my house. For me. I’m getting better!
    I want that control back-

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