It’s 1:26 AM

and i’m off to LA tomorrow.

i mean- today.

we leave in a few hours.

i’m screwed.

i can never sleep the best of times. but, now, i am not ready to sleep or travel. i hate when i’m like this. i’m completely disconnected. 


i have talked to two out of three friends tonight in SoCal. One: I have met. And LOVE. One, I have met on line- love. but I have never met in person. I can’t wait to meet her for real. In the flesh. The meeting of minds. She is an a-mazing artist. In every way possible. Photographer. Makeup. Life as art. 

I feel blessed and fortunate that I will see them. one again and one for the first time. 

They are art.

I am art.

We are art.

You are art.

Thanks, LW and MO, for being part of the path that has led me to where i am and who i am now. 

It’s 1:33 AM.

8 Responses

  1. Have a wonderful time!!

  2. Ohh, have fun. Miss you much!

  3. jake! you lucky bastard! have a blast! xo

  4. Miss you, Poose 😦 Hope you have a GRAND week – and if you really love me you’ll buy me another present at “Hot Topic” – Just Sayin 🙂


  5. you know I really did try fitting in your suit case, but pam was like! ummm.. Joey your not that lite! have an awesome time and super digital hugs!

  6. If I were a gadabout jet setter sort of person with no day job, I would so be there! I’d hook you up at the finest hotel, and I’d totally keep you stocked in Ambien, Sephora certificates, and okay, why the hell not, you could invite all your friends. And we could make the mall open at 10 p.m. just for us.

    It sucks to be unrich! Anyway, have a GREAT time, and stay out of trouble at the Viper Room.

  7. I am just happy knowing you are less than 30 miles from me now. Too bad Jane isn’t here to hook us up with that Ambien and the Sephora gift certificates though!
    My camera batteries are charging….

  8. I’ve been at the beach all week, and just catching up!!! Congrats on all the meet ups!!! I’m so jealous!!!!

    hope you’re having fun!!!!

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