A Long Time Coming

I have been part of an online group for almost a year. The funny thing a bout online groups is that you can either be completely yourself or define yourself an entirely new persona. The great thing about the group I belonged to was that everyone bore their soul, so to speak. There was never any hiding of oneself, for the most part. True Colors come shining through for every individual.

I just left this community today. I have extremely mixed feelings about it. 

Most of me wanted to leave the group MONTHS ago. It is a private group. From that, stemmed a public group. I joined it but, after a few months I left it. 

No one noticed. Or- if they did- they didn’t wonder why I left.

See; the thing is, there is so much drama within a group that essentially came together for PEACEful reasons it became it’s own entity. Power plays became apparent. Over and over again. Someone or more than one needed to feel some sort of power. Over and over. I believe that it is/ was harmless. There are/ were some people that are/ were way more angry than me. In fact, I am not angry. I believe that it can be chalked up to a personality that may have once been bullied through a lifetime and- all of a sudden- realizes that he/ she ca be loved and appreciated. So, by power-playing, it was just a way to show that this person really wanted to do something. BUT: I think that the underlying meaning is also wanting to be seen as heroic. Because any action that this person takes always seems to want to result in NEEDING a big pat on the back. No matter what the action taken. 

I don’t fault. We’ve all been there. But when it happens OVER and OVER again, it becomes tired. Very tired. And no fun. It ruins everything else.

For the work that I am doing now- I had to leave. At the advice of not just the people I am working with now more and more but by the advice of a lawyer. 

This is where my other mixed feeling is. To have had a years worth of friendships taken away from me by leaving this group kinda sucks; big. Well; they’re not being taken away. I just can’t check in all the time, weather I comment or not. 

So, for any of you that belonged to that group, I am here. I will continue to check out your blogs. I will continue to check in on your photos. 

I appreciate everything that you have given me; how you have let me grow. I hope that I have done the same for many of you.

As is said here in LA (or is it Loony Tunes?): “On with the show, this is it!”

14 Responses

  1. ahhh Jake!!! I’m sorry you felt the need to leave! You know I will miss you!!! you are my brother, and nothing will ever change that!!! I’m here for you too….just a few words or a phone call away!!!!

  2. Well, I adore you and I’m not a member of any group. Just someone who had the great pleasure of meeting you online through our mutual artist friend, Linda. You know, things are always changing, and while what’s new on the horizon may never replace the old, but is likely to be great anyway.

  3. Mon ami, you know my feelings.
    As Jane said, new things are on the horizon and I can’t wait to celebrate every success and joy with you.

  4. Jake, I happen to think you’re a sweetheart….and I have a feeling that your future is going to brighter than yellow…….;)

  5. Jake,
    I know you and I will always have contact, and our friendship!!! There is a future in that for sure! You have always had my back, and I will always have yours!!!
    Hugs to you my Bro !!!!

  6. I know you, I love you, and will always be here for you. You are off to bigger, better, greater things. No one needs a group to be who they want or were meant to be. Sometimes group settings make us lose who we really are. I am glad that you haven’t lost that! Belonging to the group brought me to you, but we don’t need the group to remain friends!
    Loving you Always!

  7. jake… i love YOU like salt… 🙂

  8. Sorry to see ya go….but I know where to find ya. :o)

  9. You know you’ve got to do what’s right for you in your life situation. You know where I am and I know where you are. I’ll be by here more often 🙂 If you need anything just ask 🙂

  10. Jake , I know I have been busy with work , but you are always in my thoughts…

    hugs and butterfly kisses from maine ,

  11. thinking about you today , how are you doing ?
    wondering what you are up too . …

    sending hugs and butterfly kisses from maine

  12. Jake I’m sorry, I’m one of those that hadn’t noticed that you had left the groups untill today! (well not quite true….I had been wondering where you were, but didn’t think to check the lists members! Shame on me.) In any case, I do miss you but I understand completely!

    I love the way you write, and I wish you every success in everything you do. I know you are on your way to great things. I think of you often.


  13. Well, I feel shitty cuz I didn’t notice you left the group, I never notice when anyone leaves the group-I just think they’re being quiet or busy. :/ Plus, I’d been busy too and you never came to the public group all that much anyway….blah, enough excuses, I’m trying to make myself feel better, I guess.

    You are understood. You are “got”. I love you. And will come to you here.

  14. Jake I’m sorry you had left the group. I didn’t realize you left till about a week ago or so only cause I decided to check the members list to see where everyone was especially you and Linda W.
    When I seen that you both left I was shocked and sad. I figure with it being Summer not everyone would be on the boards all that much but when I realized it’s been awhile since you two have posted I had to look for myself.
    I hope that one day you will come back but if you don’t that is understandable. I Wish you lots of Success in your new Business. K.I.T!



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