Letting Go

It seems that, as i look at my last- most recent- posts, I can continue to learn from a lot of what I am trying to say.

It is apparent to me that people have an incredible ability to hold on to many negative things in their present and past. Easier, it appears, than it is to hold onto good and great memories.

I pose this: Why is it that we human animals have such attachments to negative crap that has affected us? How is that we can hold grudges? How is it that Negative has such a hold on us? 

This carries into every negative aspect in our lives. Whether it be remembering that bitch customer service rep and wanting to speak to their manager; visiting that store where you found the perfect jeans- the ones that have never fit like any other- and not purchase them because of some nasty little crank had no desire to really encourage you or help you find what else you might want to go with those perfect jeans; the family member that has pissed you off beyond belief; the friend that has dissed you out of context just because you might have had a bad day- and talk about you incessantly to everyone you both know and beyond?

I’m tired of holding on to the negative shit in my life. I’m REALLY trying to move on from that. I’m tired of hearing about the constant negative shit that is happening in everyone else’s lives. I just want to tell the world that we would all be better off to just let go. Because there is nothing good that will come of the nasty circle of Negative. It will just get stronger. 

This carries even further into media; world politics; it just seems to get stronger and stronger by the day. It seems this is all I hear; all that I read. 

Save for the occasional blog or post that just says: “Wow. I am so thankful for all that IS good in my life. For all the good that I find in community.”

At the same time, I don’t want to sound all Oprah about this. [While I think that Oprah was a great catalyst my own belief is that she seems to have taken on another role that includes some kind of invincibility- that is a whole other story.]

The fact of the matter is, I believe that there is something to be said about forgiveness. While I don’t think that any of us as humans can inherently give “forgive and forget” (as there is naturally always part of our memory that remembers what has happened negatively in our past), we all have the capability of forgiveness. 

We all need to learn to let go. We have to protect ourselves, our friends, our family; but we all need let go. And move on. Focus on what is right here and right now and what is good for us. We need to collectively and individually feed ourselves. We need to allow all of the great things that are going on around us to be the most prevalent thing(s) in our lives. While some may argue that there is NOT that in their life, it is only because they are allowing the negative to win. 

Include your closest people in the good things that are going for you. And if those people are not encouraging or see a negative aspect to everything that you have going for that is RIGHT, slide away quietly. 

Know your power. Know your power of Self-worth. Focus on you with no thought of regret or repercussions. Focusing on you and your Positive does not mean that you are selfish.


9 Responses

  1. This is pretty heavy stuff, and full of truth J-MAN. It is so easy to let go, but at times you feel a need to make a statment too. A voice in the night; when many are silent and prefer to hide from what is standing before them. In the end does it prove anything, have I or anyone else won a battle that truly has no winners?

    I love forgivness, and I like starting over. It is great food for thought, and you filled the stomach in my brain. Thank You Buddy!!!

  2. Have I told you lately that I love you???? You rock Jake!

  3. Jakie. This is absolutely WHY I love you!
    Forgiveness feels better, it really does. I used to hold grudges. Now I just realize that things happen for a reason, people come and go in your life for a reason, there is a poem called let it go, I think I put it on my blog, maybe not, I will have to go search for it again. When you have time, read it. It is so true, people are there for a reason and a time, when it’s time for them to go , let them, with no remorse or ill will.

    Loving you Always!

  4. oh, i laugh… one day i will tell you why! anyway, great post, jake!

    letting go and moving on is the best thing we can do for ourselves. i know that there is no room in my life for energy vampires (as lw says), joy suckers (as kg says) and puketoids (as i say).

    and i’m so with you about oprah– that woman is too much.

    hope you are well, my friend! xo

  5. Hey Jakee,
    WE do continue to learn if we are open to the lessons in silence. I love this post! It is raw and honest which is difficult to find some days. I see continued happy days in the future for all of us. I’m focusing on the good – and let’s face it – we’ve seen lots of GREAT in the recent past!

    Love you SO big,


  6. *Focusing on you and your Positive does not mean that you are selfish.*

    There is nothing wrong with taking care of yourself. If you don’t, who will? YOU HAVE TO. Sometimes, jealous, insecure people call that being selfish. People who love you will want you to take care of yourself and be the best you can be.
    Selfish is not sharing your cookies when there are a lot and you aren’t the only one in the room.

  7. Jake! right on time, and well said! If I didn’t stay in the positive and look for the positive in all people, I would be miserable most of the time. For me, it works! But some people from my past, I forgave and forgot time and again…and continued to get burned, so I had to forgive, not forget and let go. That was a positive for my life! But most of the time, I look to the brighter side, and I let it go.

  8. Life is all ABOUT making Memories Jake,
    each day is a memory , some better then others, but such is life, the world goes round.

    know you are in my heart,

  9. LOVE this post. Forgiveness is what it’s all about. True forgiveness..not just the “public face” of it. It helps when you surround yourself with truly positive people, though.

    Of course, some things you can’t just slide off of you-it’s easier to SAY people should do that, a lot harder to actually get it done. But when it comes to the juvenile, bitchy stuff that has been of late-I totally agree.

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