Turn on the News!

And this is what I hear is most important earlier today:

Barrack Obama invites media to a hospital visit; John McCain does not. Wow.

Madonna and Guy Ritchie tie the knot. Again. Allegedly in hopes to ward off the evil press that they are in trouble. Wow.

Rosie O’Donnell takes a break from her blog. For the entire month of August. Wow. (As a Rosie fan, I didn’t even know- Seems I have been too busy enjoying the summer.)

L.A. hit with a 5.4 Magnitude Earthquake. (I was happy to know this information as I have many of my BFFs in LA).

Amy Winehouse goes to rehab due to a reaction to her medication. Wow.

This is what was most important in the news today. Well; when I watched it.


On an aside, I miss my LA peeps more than anything this week and I want our pup!

We were able to talk to our BFFs today- even intermittently- and find that they were completely un-phased by the earthquake. Business as usual. So to speak. One was in his SUV and didn’t even realize that something happened; my other bud was annoyed (maybe slightly?) that things fell and broke but went to get her hair done anyhoo.

I love it!

I think I would collect myself the same way. After a while. Until the “big one” swallowed me whole into the earth. As I fall in saying: “Ah! Shit!”

As for our pup. It looks like it’ll be after Sept 10. S’okay. I just want him here. NOW! I miss him.

Now- for an amusing video that goes with one of today’s stories:

7 Responses

  1. Well, my hair looked really BAD!! Quake or not, my roots needed fixing!!!

  2. Jake !

    Love this blog, and the side comments with them on what you thought!

    But OMG on the viddy you posted. I just LOL’d how the girl just stood there while everyone ran for cover!!

    Hugs Bro!

  3. Linda! I TOTALLY get it! I would have done the same thing. i.e. if it were a pedi appointment at Chinoiserie, I’d have been all: “Screw the quake! Have you SEEN my feet? I wear next to nothing on my feet! I HAVE to have good feet as I may potentially fall into the abyss!”
    I SO get that!

    Bobby: I KNOW! It took the piss out of me! Hilarious!

  4. Well I certainly feel educated daily by CNN. The 17th annual World Aids Conference is about to take place – yet I hear NOTHING anywhere except for on Annie Lennox’s BLOG as she will be there and does a lot for the Aids Crisis in Africa. WHERE IS THE REAL NEWS?!!!!!!

  5. I hardly watch tv anymore. Saw Rosie’s blog about a quake and turned it on. Saw the judge judy thing…soooo funny!

    I’m sad about Rosie not blogging for an entire month, but I understand the need to take a break.

    Jake…don’t you ever go anywhere! I love coming to your blog and reading what’s new in your life!

  6. I’m pretty sure I wuold probably pass out or something. LOL Being from ohio where the ground is VERY stable.

    I would want my puppy too!!

  7. Bet you won’t believe it Jake but I didn’t know Rosie was taking a break from her blog either until a friend called me and told me. Believe it or not! Tis the truth I tell ya! Hope the month flies by so you get your pup before you know it.

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