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While I work on a good piece today for later or tomorrow, take the time to review the following.

Thanks to Wimomz!

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  1. Pretty astonishing statistics! I’m totally tuned in to the internet way of life. I think it is a positive thing. Especially for creative people who use to have to beg the money men to market them. It’s a whole new world. My nephews are a generation who ONLY know recycling trash and electronic communication. There are lots of positives. When my eldest nephew was three he showed my mother how to use the VCR and shift from TV to VCR viewing. When my youngest nephew was five he taught her how to use the DVD player. My 11 year old Nephew is now determined to get her into computers – because it is the way of the future – even for retired seniors, as far as he is concerned.

  2. The problem with that video is it is way too long and boring so the important info is LOST!Why didn’t they get some creative kids to collaborate and make it COOL so people would pay attention? I couldn’t even get beyond 3 minutes of it. They took too many frames to say one thing. And….there was too much of this….to make the point that …..Americans …..are dumber…
    That bugs me. If you want to make a point about Americans being behind everyone else, use proper grammar and punctuation. As I said, I didn’t watch the entire thing, so maybe I missed something.
    Did I?

  3. I get what you’re saying, Linda.
    The point that I got out of this is that technology is moving at a much more rapid pace than what is being taught to our young’ uns.
    I think that the comment (or, perhaps, question) here is: can we keep up with the growth of technology to teach kids to be ready? And ready for what?
    For as tech-y as I feel I am, I never know where it’s going to go.
    As I said: submitted for your consideration.
    But! YES! I would love to see some tech-head kid-genius do something more clever!

  4. I think kids are more ready. It’s the adults over 45 who are not. And it is those older people who need the quick, attention grabbing video to grab them by the shoulders and say WAKE THE FUCK UP!!!
    If we’re discussing this on your blog, we know what a blog and youtube are 🙂

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