Saying Hello for PRIZES

Following suit from another blogger friend, I’d love to know whom you all are that visit! I appreciate the visits but I would love to know who is from Brazil, Germany, Tai Pei, South Africa, Ile de France and all over the US; the list goes on!

Fake a name! Do whatever it takes to jot down a note as to how you got here and why.

So- leave a note. Tell me and the other readers who you are, how you got here and what kept you returning.

Prizes are IN STORE!!

Oooh! Ahhh! Who doesn’t love a prize?

So don’t hesitate! Don’t be late! Say something great. Or just say something. 🙂

16 Responses

  1. Hi daddy! I miss you! I kissed a girl today – it was yucky. Girls are yucky.

    That little twit Rayna is gone now, so I’m hanging out with other doggies. Some of them I really like. I like the kitties at antie Jennifer’s house too… most of them are nice to me.

    Hope to see you soon, daddy!

  2. Ah- little dude! it’s okay! she’s a good one to kiss! WE CAN’T WAIT to see your l’il punim!!

  3. Umm – I got here because I pulled your head out of a locker 26 years ago and have been watching over you ever since! Well – that is, when you’re not watching over me.

  4. I met you online through Linda and Jane. First time on your blog though. Lucky me–PRIZES! I’m in Northern Virginia, in the commuter zone for Washington, D.C.

  5. I hate it when people call you Jakey.
    I hate the y-ization of names, especially for grown men.
    You said to make a comment about fake names, right?;)
    No need to give me a prize for being me. I know you. That’s the only prize I need.

  6. Yeah, okay, you already know me, but I’ll give you a fake name anyway. Jan Devine. That should throw you off my scent.

    I met you through Linda, who totally loves you. I got hooked on you through her stories and through flicker, and now I come back to see what’s up in the lives of some of my favorite Canucks!

    One day soon, I’m going to check in, I just know it, and there will be some HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT about some new major client you and the Glam man will be globetrotting around the world with….and I’ll be able to say “I knew them when”.

  7. well it is me you know – but a fake name would be hmmm – phoenix – you know i rise as maya angelou states and i keep doing it. i do remember to breathe and hydrate…

    i can hardly wait til your book is finished and out. what i enjoy about you – you do not play games – you shoot from the hip – you have respect – and you have a wicked sense of humour.

    stay safe and well all… blessings… ;lol:

  8. lets see…i know ya from flickr, one day will meet ya in REAL life and that one day better be soon! I am insanely jealous cause you have already hung with so many STARS that we know (mainly LW and MEG!) not to mention I live thru you vicariously when you R out on the town @ night rock’n to some live music (god how I miss those daze) my fake name of the day…Annette(haha)

  9. I am leaving my first comment here…know you through some beloved mutual flickr friends…and I keep waitiing for the “ask jake” section of your blog to appear.

    I am always in a hair crisis. :)Cara

  10. hmmm- “ask jake”, huh? intersting-

  11. YES! You must do an ASK JAKE!!!!!

  12. Oh ask Jake would be FAB!!

    You know me, just Amanda in ohio 🙂

  13. Just me sending butterfly hugs and kisses from Maine ……………….

  14. Way to go (insert cuz name here)! Loved Part I, II, and II of Madonna.
    Come back and play on our Island again soon 🙂

  15. peace and love…palestar

  16. Woot woot from Virginia! And this is KellyW not KellyG. 🙂

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