Enjoying a typical Saturday Nite

Courtesy of The Pammers, here’s a slight succession of what happens on a typical Saturday night at our place. We easily are entertained. 

9 Responses

  1. y’all are so funny – made my night – i will never be able to make my guacamole the same way again. thanks guys i needed some chuckles this morning.

    great garden – all i have is rosemary and lavender – the fragrance is wonderful.

    stay safe and well…

  2. I love when Wednesday becomes Saturday night. And Jake’s passionate avocado transformation with aria is one a KEEPER.

  3. WOW! What an awesome garden! I don’t even like guac but now I want some.

  4. omg, you’re amazing. we must have met in nyc at some point!

  5. Funny, funny video. I make chunky guacomole. What is that stuff? It looked like soup. Green soup.

  6. HA! Sparroweye- the avocados are getting a little soft! And my performance made me mash it into liquification!

  7. OMG what a great thing to find with my new modem!!!!

    You guys are hilarious!

  8. Um Pam? You gave away your sugar fix with the Coca-Cola slurpee. 😉

    You guys are so cute. I think when I run away, I’ll go to Canada. Way more fun than a van down by the river.

  9. i get it.
    i totally get it.
    i can’t live without my guacamole either.

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