Can’t Get Enough Of That GOP, Spelling-esque Drama!

I surprise myself.

I amaze myself. And not in the same way that Ashton Kutcher states that he is amazing.

After having watched what I personally deem the featured highlight at last week’s DNC- of the epic mini-film/ homage of Ted Kennedy (complete with Jerry Goldsmith-esque soundtrack) and his speech (with Maria Shriver and Caroline Kennedy in tears)- I thought to myself: what can possibly top this? I am serious when I say that I was really moved by that.

Well, I amaze myself because I am far more attached and fascinated by the excitement the led up to the RNC. The announcement of Sarah Palin as the Veep running mate to McCain peaked my interest into the Republicans. No. Not because I thought I would change my mind. Please. Everything they stand for is against everything that I am as a human being. [Damn. What ever happened to out Libertarian Ron Paul having run as a Republican? That may have changed my point of view-]

I am fascinated at this real life evening drama- not unworthy to what Aaron Spelling might have produced- unfold. 

Case in point. Palin’s daughter Bristol (a great name picked out by an extremely right-wing conservative, I might add) is pregnant at 17. Sarah Palin’s obsequious stance for abstinence in teens: Palin said when running for governor in 2006 that she would support funding for abstinence-only education in schools, according to Eagle Forum Alaska, a conservative group that sent a questionnaire asking gubernatorial candidates their views on a range of issues.”

Although I applaud the family’s support for their daughter, there is a hypocracy here that can’t go unnoticed. Clearly, there is a non-belief in Choice for Palin (not surprising; but from the speech that she delivered accepting the VP nom in a ticket with McCain and how she will be the woman who shatters the 18,000,000 cracks in the glass ceiling that Clinton provided her- a bit of a feminist stance- one might think differently). Of course, abortion is out of the question. But what really gets me is the fact that she is completely oblivious to the fact that teens are teens and they are going to do what they want. Like have sex. Like have unprotected sex. Me believes that Bristol doth protested her Mama’s stance too much and went out and got hers. With consequence. But I DO applaud the support. Albeit trite. Palin could not possibly, publicly chastise her daughter and her actions. No. Instead, Bristol will marry the fellow that knocked her up. Good plan! Get married at 17! That’s going to be a lasting relationship.

At least now McCain/ Palin has the public support of Evangelicals et al throughout the US.

Gotta love a family that is all about keeping up appearances. 

I appreciate that “both sides” have asked the media to keep out of this; to let family matters be family matters. But we live in the age that we live in. And it’s going to be even more of a media frenzy than it already is. This “story” is a media field day. Or week. Or months. 

I feel for Bristol. I really do. I wonder what her choice would be if she had one? There’s an island at longitude 20 degrees south and latitude 163 degrees west. It’s called Nim’s Island. I have a feeling she might be safe there. And, right about now, I wonder if that’s where she would like to be.

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  1. I have to say I also appriciate the families off limits policy.

    She was also involved in some other scandal recently I’ll have to see if I can dig up a link for you.

  2. Excellent post. Another thing to point out is that when other non Christian teens get pregnant, the parents are labeled as bad, especially bad if they didn’t teach abstinence. And here is a Christian republican with strong abstinence only views who has a child in teen pregnancy, and she is applauded by her peers for sticking to her daughter, instead of harrangued as a bad parent.

    So hypocritical.

  3. CRAZY hypocrisy, but damn, I feel really bad for Bristol. Bad roll of the dice on the family situation she landed in.

  4. OMG! Bush lies about EVERYTHING and starts a war – no biggie.
    A teenaged girl gets knocked up and there is this much hype! WTF? It’s not like she murdered thousands of innocents under the guise of looking for weapons of mass destruction.

    Here’s the solution: she has to say she had sex to honor God – then all will be well. what? It works for Bush and all the other militant extremists. “Hey – don’t blame me – it’s what God wanted.”

  5. Jake I had no idea you like Rachmoninof. OMG you rock.
    Try this (if you haven’t already)

    I had no idea you enjoyed classical music now I’ll have to make a blog of my favorites just for you!

  6. Unfortunately, the story of Palin’s daughter is obscuring just how scary this woman really is. She’s not “just” rabidly anti-choice, anti-gay rights, and full-throttle rape the earth as quick as we can anti-environment… I’ve been blogging about just a wee bit of it on my myspace page and Pammy said I should stop by over here. Getting the facts on her is becoming increasingly and interestingly tricky, however…

    But I can tell you this: I used to live in Alaska. And it’s clear Palin’s long been associated with the Alaskan Independence Party. I knew a lot of AIP members… All were dead serious about secession from the U.S. and a little short on party manners… the kind of fellas who’d invite you over to show off their bunkers full of automatic weapons…

    Her Wasilla pastor is a charmer, too. Apparently, the U.S. isn’t just in an ordinary let’s-get-their-oil kind of war. We’re now in a full-out Christian jihad, oops, Crusade and Jesus had this in the back of his mind all along! ( I’d refer you to the videos on the church website, but, golly gosh, they took them down!!!

    Did you know that if you criticize Bush or if you voted for John Kerry you’re going to Hell?

    Silly me. Since one of McCain’s spiritual advisers told me so, I’ve only been worried about the consequences of having caused Hurricane Katrina because some pesky LGBTQ sisters and brothers had that rights march in New Orleans!

  7. Excellent commentary Jake! I too feel sorry for Bristol having to deal with all this at just 17 years old with the World’s full media staring her in the face! I too agree with the policy of families ‘off limits’ but they have no control over the rest of the World media! I know that the European media will run with this and not stop!

    I watched Palin’s speech last night and to be honest I was scarily impressed by her! I in no way agree with her on any level, but if she impressed me……and I have no vote in the States……I’m scared that she will have impressed too many people who will not take the time to dig out the facts and realise what hypocrisy they are hearing!

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  9. Awesome post, Jake!
    I totally agree with EVERYONE that a woman’s reproductive rights and CHOICES should remain their own and PRIVATE. I ABSOLUTELY AGREE… but….

    Read this letter to the editor of the NY Times:

    “To the Editor (New York Times):
    I love how the pregnancy of Sarah Palin’s daughter is, according to John McCain’s campaign, “a private family matter.” This, after the Republican Party has spent 30 years making policy on women’s bodies. Why can’t Republicans recognize that reproductive decisions are private for all American women?
    Claire Bushey
    Chicago, Sept. 2, 2008”


  10. Nice one, Kim. Yes, yes, go Claire Bushey!!!

    (typo in my post above “AIG” should read AIP)

  11. Thanks for fixing that typo, Jake. You’re a peach 😉

  12. Ok, I know this isn’t so important, but I couldn’t hold it in any longer. I have questions. Why is Bristol always the one holding the baby and why is the father never holding/being a parent to the baby? Has this oldest daughter been forced into the role of mother for the family? Who will take care of Trig when the child moves in with her new husband and new baby? Will they force her to take Trig or will the father finally hold his own child..OR, will Sarah force the next girl in line to take up the role as mother for the family?

    It looks like there are too many children and not enough time. It also looks like the classic .Where the parents don’t have enough time – due to work and other extenuating circumstances. The eldest girl is pushed into the role as parent. Because she is a child. She has no choice.

    My last thought/question/comment. Maybe Bristol got pregnant so she could get the heck out of there and have her own life. One husband and one upcoming baby will be less work and responsibility than taking care of daddy and four siblings.

  13. Kat- YES! You are absolutely on it!
    An addendum to what you added, Palin also cut support to teen pregnancies. Hmm-

    Little Sun- Awesome comment! Thanks! [Oh- And I quoted you in another post, as I’m sure may have noticed.]

    Kim- I agree. Go Bushey! I had read that as well!

    Steadycat- Have at it at questioning! I have asked these same questions over and over to my peers and in my my head. Bristol- to me- wants the fuck out. It’s irony on top of irony. This WILL make a great film one day- 15, 20 years from now?

  14. Was just checking out the Wasilla Assembly of God website… They’ve not only taken down all their videos, they’ve written a statement about Palin and one trying to take their minister’s feet out of his mouth–which just might fly since the video evidence of what he actually said seems to be gone!

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