Oasis brothers attacked on stage

Brothers Noel and Liam Gallagher were the target of a- fan?- at a VFest concert in Toronto last evening, Sunday September 7th. 

Noel (lead guitar and some lead vocals) was shoved from behind by the assailant- who immediately went next for Liam (vocals). Luckily, their body guards were so quick on their feet that by the time the assailant got to Liam, he didn’t stand a chance and he was hauled off the stage. Watch in this video around the 1:30 mark:

After a 15- 20 minute “interlude”, the band came back on stage and finished their set. 

This was a total WTF moment for me. This incident immediately puts to mind some of the performer peeps that I work with. It hits me in the pit of my stomach. 

Who knows what the motive was. Issues arise with fans. Jilted fans. And the jilt could be as simple as saying to a fan: “what’s up?” not in the way that they want you to. The jilt could be as simple as saying to a fan: “Thanks for the kudos but I’m just having dinner with a friend right now.” I’ve seen it. It can be weird. But I hope never to see anything like this.

5 Responses

  1. omg i hope he is alright – and that idiot will be kept away. i don’t care what the so called reason is – nothing can justified the attack.

    be safe and well – blessings…palestar

  2. Ugh I know.
    Just because somebody is famous doesn’t mean they aren’t human. I think people forget that.

  3. Besides feeling jilted, as you say, I tend to think people like this are looking for the two minutes of fame they’d never get in real life. He probably had a life long dream of appearing in front of a crowd and getting his name in the paper — and now it’s been fulfilled.

  4. Jake,

    This viddy has been floating all over the internet. It is scary to see that someone could just be a complete moron. I wonder how bad he got his ass kicked backstage? LOL

    Dumb, Dumb, People…….

  5. Oasis – Just posted my pics, review and setlist of the 2008 Oakland, California show – enjoy http://bit.ly/SpiralScratchOasis

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