Roiling and Toiling to the Polls We Go


Note the gesture of the arm and hand-



Far be it for me to say anything about what else is going on in the world aside from the US Elections. 

Canada is under attack. And I’m guessing that the rest of the world doesn’t even realize it. perhaps a lot of Canadians don’t even realize it.

To quote one of my BFFs: “Bush Lite”, Stephen Harper, had called for a federal election here in Canada. He is the Conservative Party leader and the Prime Minister of Canada. He was elected Prime Minister,”after Canadians handed his Conservatives a minority government on Jan. 23, 2006…” (CBC)

Pouncing on a Nation that may look to him like it is sleeping at the wheel, Harper has called for an election which would provide him his party’s majority that could potentially leave a lasting effect of five years. So, to quote another friend from today, allow me to highlight some of his points:


“As you may (or may not) have heard, there is a federal election on Tuesday 14 October.

It is very important to vote as Mr Harper is presently on the verge of a majority which would give the Conservatives a free hand to do what they want without any worry for the next 5 years.  People who could see their present daily lives affected negatively include:

-artists/theatre professionals;


-anyone who cares about the environment;

-people making less than $35,000/year;

-the disabled; and

-anyone who has left-leaning ideals.

For those who can’t figure out what to do when it comes to voting – let me help you… I’ll help you get to the polls even if I need to rent a Zipcar to help you get there.

I will get the answers any questions you have about the election.

I will not tell you for which party to cast your vote but I hope you will.



Thanks, McKell. The world needs more of you.

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9 Responses

  1. He looks like he has on eyeliner.

    I do not understand conservatives. I have always thought conservative meant tradfitional or somethign similiar but the more I look the moreI see really conservative don’t want ANY change at all. They are against anything that is not “normal” They think anyone making less than 60K a year is poor.
    I just don’t understand it.

  2. Oh that picture of Stephen Harper is creepy!!! I mean he’s creepy enough in my opinion….but that photo just makes it worse! LOL

    I wonder if Stephen thinks that most Canadians are so enthralled and absorbed by the American elections that they will not take much notice of what’s going on in this campaign…and just go to the polls and vote for his party?! I don’t know….but we don’t need the election right now and it makes me mad that they’ve called it! I usually vote Liberal, but to be honest I’m not over-enthusiastic about Stephan Dione and so will have to hold my decisions untill I’ve seen more of the party platforms. As it stands, I won’t be voting Conservative…no way!

  3. very creepy but ‘fitting?’ pic of the PM. Just what us Cannucks need…a month of political spamming, and more money down the drain so the boyz can fight in the school yard! Looking forward to some of your politcal views on this topic Jake! its only been what a few daze now?? I already feel like throwing up!

    time to vote and show this school yard bully what we really think!!!! (IMO…he’s a putz!)

  4. McKell…WTG! A responsible citizen! BRAVO!!!

  5. Is it me or does it really look like his hand gesture resembles the Nazi salute?

  6. aye, cara. it IS interesting that it resembles that, isn’t it?

  7. If I haven’t mentioned it today – I CAN’T stand this man!!!! If he manages to hijack this election – (he promised would not happen early – LIE!)- we will see the definition of marriage act back in the news. I will be voting for whom ever has the best chance of beating him – SO – my fellow Canadians: If you don’t have a candidate you want to vote for – join me in voting AGAINST!

  8. you people are retarded , comparing harper to hitler just because of the picture , its called saluting! hitler wasnt the only one to make the hand gesture , hijack an election , gimme a break ! a bully , no way , harper has done great so far on fixing what the liberals STOLE from canadien citizens , everyone can look into the negative of this man but since the torys won ,from what i have experienced for my self ,is positive , he also wants to harshen sentences and toughen up on crime , removing the young offenders act ! were tired of whiners looking for hand outs its a dog eat dog world.

  9. Anne:

    I certainly don’t argue that Dion and the Liberals are anywhere NEAR being sainted for all of the bull that they bring to the table. Almost as much as the Torys. It’s gross.
    And I’m sure Layton is a great man but also, no where near what our country needs.
    It’s another case of voting for the lesser of evils.
    I think there is a HUGE need for a complete shake up in ALL Canadian parties/ politics.
    I’m interested to hear what you feel Harper has fixed “what the Liberals STOLE from Canadian citizens.” I’m not quite sure what you’re trying to argue here. You haven’t provided any example. That’s a pretty sweeping statement. Hope you come back and enlighten us. I’m willing to listen to anyone who has anything to offer. So far you have not offered anything; except a little bit of “nanny nanny boo boo, our guys is better just because.”

    I’m all for healthy debate. I never expect everyone here to agree. I think that healthy debate about our politics, US politics and global politics is imperative right now. Because everything is affecting us right now.
    I would just like to take this opportunity to thank you for your amazingly intelligent insight into this discussion. You are truly an intellectual genius that none of us can touch.
    Whiners? Seriously. Read back what you wrote.

    Thanks for comin’ out-

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