Geri Hall Gets Removed From Stephen Harper Media Q&A

Geri Hall, a reporter for a faux/ political satyr news program in Canada called This Hour Has 22 Minutes was almost arrested yesterday as she was among the media able to speak to our present Prime Minister, Stephen Harper. Once he found out who she was, he realized that this would be a good PR thing for him and granted her a one-on-one.

6 Responses

  1. Stephen Harper is a media whore. I wish 22 Minutes would have declined his “Gracious” interview. I wonder how his little “bondage” answer will go over with his Evangelist followers?

    I can’t stand this homophobe! Enough of Bush Light! We have to get his smarmy arse out of politics. If not – I’m sure his platform will AGAIN including dumping the Marriage Act. Queers beware!

  2. As much as I can’t stand Stephen (or is it Stevie? lol) Harper I’m beginning to think there may even be a tiny bit sense of humour lurking under that plastic hair!!!! 🙂 I recently watched a re-run of the Rick Mercer Report which featured our Stevie hosting a pyjama party at 24 Sussex Drive…and I have to admit it was funny!

    In any case we have to get rid of him and his cronies……but sadly I don’t see a lot of choice amongst the other lot either!

  3. Harper is an ass, we definitely need to get rid of him…Other choices are not very good; Dion who seems like the little nerd in high school who is always getting bullied and no one listens to him and Layton whose NDP are just not powerful enough to get the votes…Personally Id like to see the NDP get in, let them spend some of our money and screw up the country in their own way…God knows the Liberals and Conservatives have had their fair share of ripping off the tax payers and making promises that they never intended to keep!!!

  4. Honestly I think It be easier for the Canadian people to make me the leader and than I would rule Canada in a way that everyone will remember! though pam would be piss that I spent the entire budget on statues of me and shoes.

    Though I personal got really upset when this entire Handcuff thing hit the fan! when I was informed I was outraged!

    Pam your right this was done in such a way for attention along with a few hours earlier from that interview. When Harper was asked what kind of vegetable he was by a journalist he responded” I don’t think of myself as a veg but as a fruit because I am Sweet and colorful”. Seriously come on! Harper a fruit my word really? he did that to piss of the queer’s like a coupe ears when str8 guys started wearing those rainbow shirts that said ” I just like rainbow”. I am so over Harper!

    I will admit though, his wife is hot! and I much rather if she was running the country. though it wouldn’t be a shock if we found out she was all along from behind the vale of a blackberry… hmmm.. if we only knew!!!

    Thanks for a great blog Jaker’s

  5. Only how much better is his wife? Did you know that she actually kept her maiden name when they got married and throughout their marriage until he was elected? I guess being a conservative prime minister means having a stepford wife…*puke*…

    What I can’t figure is this: everybody I have spoken to thinks the guy is an idiot (and worse words that I dont’ know I can use here) – so how does he still have a majority? Who are the idiots who are planning to vote for him???

    The guy is completely media unfriendly. He has done interviews here in BC where he was asked about a topic and threatened to sue the journalist for asking!! WTF???

    A conservative majority would make me ashamed to be a Canadian – I’d rather see Dion in- in fact, I’d rather see the Marajuana party in!

  6. I am unfamiliar with Mr. Harper. So I will say that his PR with Ms. Hall was fantastic at the end. I loved her comments though; when she was being taken out of the room. Thank Goodness For Humor!!! Especially in the scheme of politics.

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