2008 Presidential Election Prediction


272 for Obama

266 for McCain.

What do you think?

21 Responses

  1. I think it will go:

    287 for McCain
    251 for Obama

    I think that PA will vote McCain. Obama pissed too many of them off during the primaries and Biden just pissed them off about coal.

  2. I hope you are right!!
    The other day, Betsy asked me “if they remembered to fix the voting computers in Florida …”

  3. don’t think it is going to be that close…




    285 – obama
    253 – mccan’t

  4. as long as obama has more I do not care.

  5. in the long run – i do not care either as long as obama has many more… 😉

  6. I think I’m glad I live in a blue state – that’s what I think.

    What’s up with Arizona? I realize that they are the black sheep of the family here (what with their refusal to enforce the Federal helmet law, their refusal to participate in Daylight savings time, etc) – but are they really red? I’ve always seen red folks as upper/middle class church-going types… and Arizona is more of a no-teeth, speed-smokin, serial killer kinda place.

  7. jonolan- curious to which other states you predict will go to McCain.

    cara- i think that it’s safe to tell Betsy that Florida will be very watched! [although i still think the outcome will be red.]

    palestar- i’m curious to know your predicted states as well. it’s interesting that you have almost exact numbers as blogger jonolan but the opposite way!

    effingjen- Arizona is solid red. Already predicted as confirmed, solid red votes. I know, right? I thought it would eventually be blue. Not gonna happen.

  8. oops i goofed – not being in the now – will be back later when i update… ;(

  9. jake – truth be known i see no need for the electoral college – but since for this election – if we actually have one – i have a feeling obama could get some help from ohio – georgia – and florida and even Alaska – not even palin is overwhelmingly popular there.

    if we have an election – which i pray we do – with all that is happening – obama i can see taking it with more than 285. i see mccan’t as a very ill man – and while was a POA – that in and of itself – does NOT qualify him to be a president.

    okay i could be wrong – but there will be some surprises coming. this country needs a change – as does the world…

    BTW what is wrong with not doing daylight saving time. hawai’i does not as well as some others hmm 😆

  10. I don’t know about the numbers, but I have a feeling it’s going to be very close….and unfortunately I have a bad feeling that McCain is going to win! Not sure why I think this way, but I just do! Jake I hope your numbers are more near the outcome! Heard on the Detroit news last night that Obama is ahead in Michigan polls….but we all know that’s a Blue state anyhow right?

    Now Jake I’d be interested in your opinion on the Canadian election outcome! I think the Conservatives are going to get the majority they’re seeking! Yuck!


  11. I think it’s going to go just about how the map in the post depicts, with the exception of PA. Though, as a McCain supporter LA worries me somewhat in these post storms days.

  12. all I can say Jake is….I hope you are right! I’ve got a really bad feeling though. I’m afraid there are a lot of people that won’t be able to get past the fear of his name, (still feeling fearful that he’s part of a terrorist cell or something) and more fears over the color of his skin. People seriously annoy me!

  13. Actually I can’t get past the meat of most of his ideas as they’re presented on his campaign website. To me, even when I think he sees the problem correctly he chooses a solution and/or methodology to implement that solution that I find wrong, very wrong.

  14. Can we place bets? 🙂 I think the debates will swing more votes over to Obama. I’m betting that Obama wins. 🙂

  15. absolutely :mrgreen: he will win – i would bet $25 dollars – obama wins – cannot be more i am on a fixed budget – but the $25 would go to the hole in the wall gang in memory of pale newman… 😆 siempe…palestar

  16. paul newman – that is – sorry i am typing in the dark and i type too fast :mrgreen:

  17. i found another video of sarah palin kinda scared me a bit…
    jeez louise:


    be safe and well…

    siempre…palestar 😆

  18. (waving hands wildly!)
    There are a tremendous amount of THINKING blues in AZ, but sadly, the ignorant (and noisy) reds are make much more noise here.

    Most morons in AZ will vote McCain simply because he’s a name they recognize and that must mean he’s the good choice, right? Also…remember that there is a HUGE religious conservative demographic here.

    I need to move back to CA….

  19. I’m beginning to feel slightly hopeful… Why? In my own life, I’ve recently encountered a startling number of veterans, active military, and long-time conservatives who are now supporting Obama. They’ve pointed out what I’ve been reading in a number of places: campaign donations from active military personnel favor Obama over McCain!

  20. All I can say is that if Obama becomes President it will be God Help America rather than God bless America. I have very strong fears if he becomes the President of USA

  21. if obama becomes president i will commit suiside!

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