Senate Bailout Bill

Have you seen it? Based on the views at this site of all 451 pages of the bill, I don’t think many have actually seen it.

What are your thoughts?

6 Responses

  1. 451 pages? who has that much time? are there cliff notes?

  2. might i be be brief and to the point? it a bunch of crap – bloody congress has sold us out again… if you have seen my site you may know already. IMHO!!!

  3. Another amazing feat of blackmail and robbery while the populace stands by, oblivious and/ or too stunned to stop it… (Give us the money or we’ll raid your 401k’s and pension plans first! Oh, and we want the consulting fees for all the financial advice you’ll need to figure out how to give us the money. Oh, wait, we want some more tax breaks for us thrown in on top… Well, okay, if you have to throw a few personal bribes in to hook some of those pesky Representatives… but keep ’em small.)

    I’m pleased to say my Representative, Tom Udall, a Democrat, voted against the Corporate Crook Payoff both times–for all the right reasons–which he detailed in a lovely speech he sent to all of his constituents. He also voted against the Patriot Act, bless him.

    During the VP Debate (entertainment time-out from the financial debacle) Palin has declared further war on the U.S. Constitution and few seem to have even noticed! When she spoke of wanting more power than Cheney, I was beyond chilled. A chill that only deepens as I see almost nothing in the media about this.

    Most people seem to be so bloody unaware just how incredibly dangerous Bush/Cheney’s illegal usurpations of power for the Executive Branch have actually been. They broke open the door for facism in so many, many ways… Now Palin announces she wants to do more to usher facism right through the door and no one is running screaming into the streets! Too busy being mesmerized by her winking and strange adopted folksy accent, I guess…

    Read all 451 pages? Hah. Most never even read the THREE page document that Paulson initially threw at Congress when he first asked for permission to rob the taxpayers. Or fully noticed and appreciated the audacity of yet another effort to grab more unconstitutional power for the Executive Branch: Section 8… which barred any administrative or judicial oversight of any kind! It gave Paulson complete power to spend the $700 billion however he wanted–in full and complete secrecy!

    We’re beyond screwed folks… And if McCain/ Palin win, it’s only the beginning.

  4. I think it’s a good day to invest in wool sweaters and wooden arrows. What a farce! I don’t think this will save the market long term. It may be prolonging the agony and further deflating the value of the US dollar – which affects ALL of the world.

    Time will tell – but it is not comforting to know MOST politicians felt forced into this vote “YES.”

    Checque Please!

  5. Amen Pam!!! And you know what scares the hell out of me???

    How are we going to pay this debt off? My guess… sell, sell, sell. I think people all over the world are going to “buy” off our debt, and own us. When I have grandkids…they are going to be living in the UNunited States of China/Iraq.

  6. karl rove announced that if the election were help today – barack obama would win with 273 votes. so you bet they will be out in force with the lies and all the swift boaters to turn this into the nastiest of campaigns ever. i feel very sad for palins youngest child… oy to the vey…

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