Canada’s Election: The Day After Tomorrow


$300 million of Canadian tax payers money has been spent in just over five weeks after Prime Minister Stephen Harper called an illegal election. $50 million of that can be attributed to a cut, by Harper, to the arts. Harper believes that $50 million would be better spent elsewhere as, of course, all of us who are artists use that federal money to throw and go to galas. Perhaps Harper needed to delve a little deeper to realize that money was there for grants; for film to made; for performances to be performed. Clearly he thinks that we are living in the lap of luxury. Doesn’t that come to mind to you when you think of artists? People living in luxury, drinking Dom Perignon and wearing Dior Homme tuxes, John Galliano gowns and Christian LaBoutin stilettos? Oh, to wish-

I digress-

Today, Canadians are angry and feeling numb. Liberals (can be equated to Democrats) are angry that the Liberal Party has a leader who is a dolt; Conservatives (can be equated to Republicans) are angry that Harper did not get the majority government that he was hoping for while no one was looking (or while Canadians were looking at the US Elections); all-in-all, Canadians are angry that we are at the same spot we were six weeks and $300 million ago. 

Wasted spending in the arts? Harper, my dear: you just proved wasted spending in a bogus election.

Yes. Today we are numb. Today, we are all talking in lower octaves- barely audible, really- shuffling our feet in the leaves. A lot of us are saying: we’ll see a change in a Liberal leader “within six business days.”

But most of us are looking to the day after tomorrow. What will happen with our country with this dufus still in office, running our country, hating homos and arts? What will his relationship be with the next US President and other leaders across the world? GOD FORBID McCain attain power-

The best news to me is that the son of the most amazing Canadian Prime Minister, Pierre Trudeau ( from 1968- 1979; 1980- 1984), Justin Trudeau has entered the world of politics like many Canadians had wished he would. Trudeau has won his seat in Montreal. I can only hope that by the time there is another election, he is the new leader of the Liberal Party.



Justin Trudeau

Justin Trudeau

From my lips to the Universe’s ears-

7 Responses

  1. Jake I feel your frustration because I feel the same way! What was all that spending for? He gained a few more seats…but that is not value for money…..$300million for a few more seats! Geez!!! The only two good things to come out of this election for me were, that the NDP gained seats, and Justin Trudeau is going to be sitting in the House of Commons!!! Personally I don’t hope for Justin to be leader of the Liberals….yet! He needs a few years of experience first, but I hope to God that Dion has the sense (presuming he will be leader for a few more weeks) to give Justin a high profile shadow cabinet job! He made him run in one of the toughest ridings in Quebec and he came out the winner… he deserves a good job in the Liberal caucos! What made me mad about the Liberal agenda was that they did not focus enough on the economy. I always hover between Liberals and NDP and I’m a Liberal at heart, but Stephane Dion turned me off!

    I think we will be going back to the polls within a year or so because Harper will get too arrogant and think that he can rule as if he has a majority! The last Conservative leader to act like that lasted just six months! Remember Joe Clark?!


  2. Andrea- I agree that Justin needs a little more time and that he should have a high-profile position.
    My underlying hope is this: That there is not another election in a year; that it is much longer; that Harper is eventually seen as what he really is and ousted. Unfortunately, I don’t much like the alternatives, presently, for the Liberal leadership substitutes. And I don’t want Layton as a Prime Minister. Yup. Yesterday WAS the vote of the lesser evils for me.
    My underlying fear is this: Dion placed Trudeau in that riding as he knew it was difficult and hoped that he would fail.
    Yes. Trudeau needs the experience. But I hope that it is not Dion that places him; that it is a new, acceptable Liberal leader that does.

  3. mon dieu – sounds like america – as vivi said it is same same same… OY!

  4. He is really handsome.

    I hope they don’t cut the arts too much. You guys needed a change just as much as we do!

  5. Ok – I said give it six business days and Dion would be ousted from the Liberal leadership – I was wrong! It only took 1.5 business days. I would be delighted that that boob is gone – except – the two front runners won’t do much better for the party.

    Now: I hope that Harper will realize that two DEFAULT wins are back to back votes of NON-confidence and he WILL NEVER WIN A MAJORITY government in this country. Maybe this will inspire him to walk away. I mean, DUDE – if you can’t beat Dion – you can’t beat ANYONE! Move along, Please.

  6. This is why I won’t really feel at ease with the polls that have Obama winning. Until it is a fact, I can’t afford to hope. I recall there were times that both Gore and Kerry were ahead in the polls……..and who the fuck did we get? Bush. Once courtesy of the Supreme Court, and again courtesy of fucktards across the nation.

    I’m mourning Canada’s decision right along with you, Jake. Now where is that island, when are we going, and how do we get there?

  7. p.s. – the Boy Trudeau is cute!

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