Madonna & Guy: Love Don’t Live There Anymore


3 Responses

  1. sad… but somehow not very surprising after months of speculation.

  2. rumours amuk that guy is making so much less than she – should not matter – i know it is not easy with the paparazzo invading theirs lives offering opinions that are none of their bloody business and adding to whatever is going on- like their LIVES.

    my thoughts are – why can’t people just love and respect one another and in general learn to leave people alone when they are going thru personal challenges. i don’t believe we need to know what is going on in their lives – what they owe us is a good performance in what ever we pay to see – beyond that they owe us absolutely nothing!!! 😦

    myself when i am going thru personal moments as it were – i go within and very private when i am hurting – hey i am human i have feelings – am not confrontational at all – this is not about me by a long shot – but i would have a difficult time if i were a “celeb” it would drive me up a flaming tree and i am sure that at some point i would be telling them to “piss up a rope”!!!

    also it is sad indeed when their are children involved – so all i can do is wish them the best.

    i am off my soapbox now – i know who the hell asked you… oops! 😉 be safe and well. blessings…palestar

  3. I think it sad that they could not work things out together.

    I hope they both find love…

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