Poll: Final Presidential Debate

Joe The Plumber has replaced Joe Six Pack. I’m sure he’s upset.

Obama was not in cahoots with a domestic terrorist. 

Was there a clear and present winner for this, the final Presidential Debate?


4 Responses

  1. Thank God Obama cleared up that terrorist thing. You can’t make Joe the plumber believe it…

  2. I’m really tired of them making demeaning references to the general public. Seriously.

  3. Jake,

    “JOE” lives two miles away from me. Poor guy, so much drama going on in his life. People called the Police Department all day and insisted that “JOE” was a bad guy with a past. There is nothing on this guy! Then they claimed he was not a registered voter. Once again, another claim that was false. Now our local paper has found out that “JOE” is not licensed to be a plumber. OH GOD, NOW THERES A STORY. http://toledoblade.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20081016/NEWS09/810160418

  4. I will be so glad when the whole thing is over! I’m sick to death of hearing about the election…..although I can’t seem to stop myself from watching the debates and everything else! lol

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