Jake The Gay Stylist

Hi. I’m Jake the Gay Stylist.

Markets implode world-wide. 

What’s your back-up plan?

[And I ain’t talking about some doomsday/ armeagedon/  2012 kind of bull.]

Where are your suitcases packed for? Are you going with Tina Fey (if McCain/ Palin get into power) off the Earth?

Are we screwed?

9 Responses

  1. Right On!!!! Great job! Love it!!!!! Peace my friend! http://www.northernvox.com

  2. You know I can honestly say I have done a ton of research on what is going on. I am sure you remember my post where I freaked out and thought by this time I would be making my own soap.

    I think way too many people are hung up on comparing this to the Great Depression. We have, in my country at least, things like the FDIC to keep that from happening. At that time people had all their money in stocks b/c they were told to. so when they lost they lost it all.

    I think the media is scaring the public which is effecting retail.

    Is it bad right now, yes. Could it get worse, yes.

    I think we have been in a recession for at least a year already. The way I see it my government is on a 6 month delay. By the time the acknowledge anything bad it’s on the way to stabalizing.
    There was a article I saw today saying Foreclosures were up 71%. If someone only read the headline they wouldn’t know it is up 71% compared to LAST YEAR.

    Well duh, of course it is!!! We had a housing bubble collapse!
    I want to know how much it is up from say two months ago or if it is down.

    I think the media is fueling the fire.

    I think it will stabalize and get better.
    If it doesn’t I’m going somewhere warmer where I can grow my own food and make soap 🙂

  3. Amanda: I think that a study of world economics is very important.
    I have needed to get out of my microcosm. Which is why I am paying attention to what is going on in global markets. Beyond what is going on here in North America. It’s not good. [Albeit small, I have diversified investments worldwide. It’s not just media fueled.]
    I hope you are right and that the (global) markets will become stable. Sooner than later.

  4. I live in a city that has been in recession for about a year already…and steadily getting worse! This has been coming for a long time. The bubble had to burst eventually! Problem is that for years the ‘powers that be’ did not diversify the industries in the city enough over the years, relied too much on the Auto Industry…thinking that the city has gone through it’s ups and downs over the years and has always come out of the troubles sooner or later, just sit back and wait! Well this time it is not going to come back….at least not for a very long time and in the meantime we who don’t have the time are going to suffer! We have a small retail business…we are in trouble, but the only comfort we get (if you can call it comfort) is that we’re not alone! The media are partly to blame for fuelling the fire. They have people scared so they are not spending…it’s a vicous cycle.
    However Jake you are still young enough to get through this cycle (and you will), I’m scared for people my age group….we don’t have the time enough to start over again!
    I hope and pray that Obama wins the election and breathes hope and more positive vibes into everyone1

    (Sorry this is longer than I intended it to be! lol)

  5. Thanks Andrea!
    I’m just being dramatic; just trying to bring some levity to the sitch.

  6. Hi Amanda – I hope no one is depending on the FDIC to bail them out of anything. During the S&L scandals of the 80’s, when thousands of people, inc. the elderly, lost their life savings, the govt. said they couldn’t afford to give everyone the max. payable amount which, at that time, was $100K as I recall. Instead, they came up with a “plan” that gave people thirty cents on the dollar on their lost investments, up to $100K. Some of the people whose accts. were wiped out had hundreds of thousands of dollars stolen, and ended up with $30K to retire on. Here in MN, where the Greenwoods scandal happened, there were 70 year olds going to work for McDonalds and Walmart.

    Anyway, Jakers…..you know my plan, baby. I’m marrying Pam and we’re gonna totally glom onto you and the Glam man because we’re pretty sure you can get us to the island, where we’ll live on coffee, margaritas, seafood, and Marlboros.

  7. and I forgot, Diet Coke, of course. With and without rum.

  8. I think we’re going to be okay….in the end…..but I do think it will get worse before it gets better.

    Remember the wargames movie? the computer had to learn, or teach itself? I think we’re in that phase, but we’re slow learners…… I wish there was an easy button like on the staples commercials!!!

  9. oh, I hope I have an invite to that island when all hell breaks loose????

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