Busy November

Wow. I hadn’t realized how long it has been since I’ve posted. Like: really posted. While I have a free moment (waiting for a late client), I can fill in:


  • Having stated my case to the Toronto Business Development Centre, I await hearing from the government to see if they feel I deem the need to have a ten week business/ operations/ accounting/ management course to get this business up and running. Seeing as I have entirely an arts background, I feel that I deem. If so, I will have support for a year from them while I get this up and going! Here’s to hoping. If so, I start the 5th of December. [I will find out on the 4th if I get in-] THat will bring me to the middle of February. 
  • I have been building clientele this month (thankfully). A lot of “industry” people (i.e. entertainment) who are up and coming. Cool.
  • Busy day today. 
  • Poker night tonight. What is usually a predominantly gay gathering, we will have a gathering of 50/50 gay and straight. Finally. I like equality. I like my straights. 😉


And that’s it really. Will blog again soon.

Inspired by another blogger friend, I like:


  • Chips Ahoy and milk!
  • Hot showers that I pretend are waterfalls on an undiscovered tropical island!
  • Heavy snow falls!
  • I Miss canceled school days!


I also like:


  • Hot weather! I want to be in it. Oh, to wish-
  • Warm place!
  • Tropical weather!
  • Blue seas!
  • White sand beaches!

I digress-

4 Responses

  1. love that pic! so HOT! ‘i like my straights’!!!!! lol… have fun tonight!

  2. May the powers that be so “deem”!

  3. Love this, and glad you were inspired. I think it is a grand experience to read each others thoughts, feelings, or ideas. Then get something from it and create on our own!

    Chips ahoy brother!!!

  4. That’s a lovely photograph and did you get in?

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